We are a members of the Nelson Nash Institute and Infinite Banking Canada Group (IBCG), Canada’s best and most experienced group of independent Authorized IBC Practitioners. 

Below are the key questions you may wish to research when determining which firm you may wish to choose to implement an IBC plan..

What level of expertise would you benefit from?

IBC is part of a financial plan. Many IBC firms do not offer highly desired advanced education. DO FINANCIAL Canada and IBCG (Infinite Banking Canda Group) lead the pack of Authorized IBC Practitioners in advanced education (CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., EPC, FMA, RCIS, CCS, RHU, CPA, CGA, CPA (Del.), CGMA, CHS). This makes us the top choice to implement an IBC plan for you personally or your business – and to offer Whole Picture Planning, if desired.

Contribution minimum?

A key in designing an IBC plan is flexibility. Part of that flexibility is creating a low funding minimum in the event of a rainy day or other opportunities. The difference between insurers may be as much as 50%. Not all IBC providers offer the lowest minimum funding. While each situation is different, IBCG promotes lowest contributions.

Excess contribution room?

To the consumer this probably means nothing. But not all insurers offer the same excess contribution room. Excess contribution room allows for a lower funding minimum in the event of a rainy day and to accommodate windfalls. While each situation is different, IBCG promotes higher contribution room for their clients.


Firms using insurers with lower contribution room require higher funding minimums. Why is this important? Higher minimums pay IBC firms higher compensation – this higher compensation is funded by the client – which also means less savings (cash value). So, if you want to lower fees you want to find an IBC plan provider with the lowest minimum funding and utilize excess contribution room because lower compensations is paid on excess contributions. While each situation is different, IBCG promotes lower fee solutions.


More cash is available immediately on excess contributions. Further, cash is available earlier when you contribute excess contributions annually in advance. Another way how IBCG puts the client first.

Firm vs Independent Advisors?

Some IBC firms operate under a model that groups all business under the firm and with one insurer for the reason of maximizing bonuses on revenue. The higher the firm revenue, the higher the firm bonus. Where do bonuses come from? They come from the client. IBCG is not a firm. It is a group of independent AIBCP who are entrepreneurs and don’t want to work for the restrictions of a firm. The cost for this independence is lower compensation than firms – and since clients fund the compensation, lower compensation means lower fees for clients. While each situation is different, IBCG promotes lower fees for its clients.

Excess contribution period rule?

Some IBC firms use insurers that if you do not contribute excess contributions in a 5-year period, you lose that contribution for life. Many of IBCG clients like putting a plan in place with an insurer that does not have this 5-year rule – instead they have lifetime contribution room that you do not lose. While each situation is different, IBCG promotes insurers offering no restrictions on excess contributions.

Learning Resources?

IBCG offers best in market learning resources.


Your independent Authorized IBC Practitioner will assist you to successfully utilize IBC personally and your business.