If some of the things you believe to be true about money turn out to be untrue, when would you like to find out?

If you’re driving down the road, making good time, but realize you’re going the wrong way, when did you want to turn around?

Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®) privatized banking is a life-changing economic system for those who use it – especially for future generations.
  • IBC® is radically, yet refreshingly, different from traditional wealth building strategies – and its results are appreciably better, and with certainty.
  • IBC® is so all-encompassing that no other strategy will ever be needed in order to get the desired financial results.
  • IBC® is life changing for future generations making it the #1 go-to strategy for children
  • IBC® utilizes closely guarded strategies the wealthy use. We reveal these secrets, endorsed by accountants and economists, below.

Welcome to the

Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®)

The #1 mistake people make in financial planning is not becoming their own banker.

IBC® is “privatized banking”IBC® privatized banking creates more wealth than conventional financial planning.

How is this possible? Because it is the only way available to recapture hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost money over your lifetime, and more.  Lost money is hundreds of thousands of dollars you lose in debt servicing costs and opportunity cost lost when they “cut down the apple tree”.

IBC® requires you to think differently. IBC® is a better way of banking. 

Commercial banks are designed to fail…and they do. That’s why they need depositor-funded CDIC insurance protection and taxpayer funded bailouts.  They have a 0% deposit reserve requirements. IBC® privatized banking has in excess of 100% reserve requirements.

Read on, with an open mind, and challenge why you believe what you believe about money, and the banking system you currently use.

To learn how, let’s start with the question are you a spender, saver, or wealth creator?

Are you a Spender, Saver, or Wealth Creator?

👉 Spender. The spender has no liquid assets and has no other choice than to borrow from a financial institution when making a major capital purchase.
👉Saver. The saver prefers to save toward a major capital purchase and then pay cash. The saver must then save again for the next major purchase. While the saver does not pay interest to a financial institution like the spender, the saver forgoes earning future interest on the money consumed by the purchase.

👉Wealth Creator. The wealth creator saves to build up a continually increasing usable pool of capital. When a major purchase is required, the wealth creator is then in a position of strength to choose how to finance the purchase at the most favorable terms and rates. The wealth creator turns liabilities into assets. Conventional financial planning does not.

Wealth Creator is Infinite Banking®

Laid out side-by-side it should be be clear Wealth Creator (Infinite Banking®) is the better way – for individuals and businesses to build usable wealth.

Conventional financial planning strategies, that create increasing tax-infected assets at increasing tax rates, built on sink-hole ground, are not working.  

Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®) is a huge upgrade to conventional financial planning strategies.  It has been used by the wealthy for over 150 years to better GROW, CONTROL, and PROTECT their wealth. IBC® is not built on sink-hole ground.


Infinite Banking® also helps curtail inflation and so much more. Continue reading below to see how. To learn more about inflation check out our inflation learning and resources page

The Infinite Banking Concept®

The Infinite Banking Concept® is a closely held secret of the wealthy.  Its better than conventional financial planning.  And is available to almost every individual and business – only from an Authorized Infinite Banking Concepts® Practitioner, such as us.

Authorized Infinite Banking™ Practitioner - Dave Otto CFP®️ CLU® CH.F.C.®️ EPC®️- DO FINANCIAL

IBC® was developed by the late Nelson Nash, author of the # 1 best selling book titled “Becoming Your Own Banker®”. This book has sold more than 500,000 copies. You can buy yours here.

It’s key messages are a safer increasing storehouse of wealth is available and you don’t need to be a slave to lenders and you can recapture the interest that you are paying to banks and finance companies for the major items that you need during a lifetime, such as automobiles, major appliances, education, real estate, investment opportunities, business equipment, etc.

This book is worth at least half-a-million-dollars to you.  We know that.  But you don’t, and that’s okay. But not knowing what’s in this book is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

We’ll make you a deal.  Buy the book and read it. If you don’t think its worth $500,000 we’ll refund your money or we will make a donation for $100 in your name to the charity of your choice. We will prove it too you!


IBC® is for anyone who answers yes to any of these:

Infinite Banking® provides you with the ability to recapture some or all of what you pay in personal and business Debt Services!

Conventional financial planning offers no way to recapture some or all of what you pay in debt services, also called lost money.  The example below shows a 20-year old earning $100,000 a year will pay close to $9.5 million in debt services over 45 years.  If this person only earns $50,000 a year that’s still  $4.75 million! Are you okay with that? Business debt service costs will be similar. Regardless of the number if you are able to recapture some or all of this amount it would allow you to reallocate it into more spending on lifestyle and savings or business profitability as shown in the second chart.

becoming-your-own-banker-Wealth Potential vs Expenditures - DO Financial

The chart below shows how much more lifestyle spending and savings you would have when you recapture 35% of your income that is paid into debt services. IBC® turns liabilities into assets. How would this change your life?

becoming-your-own-banker-Wealth Potential vs Expenditures - DO Financial

What People Want - Strategy A vs Strategy B

The chart summarizes the key differences between strategy A (conventional financial planning) and strategy B (Infinite Banking®).  IBC® provides more of what people want.  Its a great way to diversify over-dependence on conventional financial planning, at any age.

There is a better way! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK! Lost money can be recaptured!
Liabilities can be turned into assets!

Download the free eBook and learn more secrets:

DO Financial - Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)- ebook cover

Download the free eBook and learn more secrets:

Why is a Certified Financial Planner® recommending Becoming Your Own Banker®, the Infinite Banking Concept®?

Simply put, IBC® is better. I have been in a financial planner for more than 39 years, with no plans to slow down any time soon.  During the pandemic I had time to assess how well conventional financial planning was delivering on its results.  I questioned the truth of the financial planning narrative. Why are we putting money away in control of others for decades and decades hoping it will grow? All this at the expense of having less money available to spend on current lifestyle.  Further, I discovered stock market returns after crashes, fees and taxes are no where close to what we’ve been led to expect. 

Authorized IBC® Practitioner

The Authorized IBC® Practitioner is a type of financial professional that is set apart from among the ranks of the three-quarters of a million licensed financial experts in the U.S. and Canada. These individuals may be attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, CLUs or even stockbrokers, but in addition to their given trade they also practice a unique financial strategy that they teach to their clients.

This concept is so radically different from traditional wealth building strategies and the results so appreciably better that these practitioners are beginning to receive notable interest. The technique is so all-encompassing that it is not too far fetched to say that no other strategy will ever be needed in order to get the desired financial results.

I was reminded of something I learned 30 years ago – Be Your Own Banker®. Its a concept that uses some thing unconventional – a specially designed high cash value dividend-paying whole life insurance policy – only from an Authorized Infinite Banking® Practitioner, like me, to create an increasing pool of working capital to borrow from to deploy into opportunities.  And since you’re borrowing from and repaying yourself, this means you are able to recapture this otherwise lost money! 

Why whole life insurance? Because no other financial vehicle fits. Use of whole life in this way is like medication created to treat problem X, later discovered it also treats problem Y. 

But it gets better! Whole life cash values, while never intended to be an investment, grew better than conventional options, with lower risk, lower fees, locked-in gains, protection from inflation and other creditors, and creates more retirement income because it is more tax and asset efficient.

For more info contact us.  Check out more IBC® Resources here.

IBCanada Group is a group of independent financial advisors in Canada who are also Authorized IBC® Practitioners.

IBC Authorized Practitioner - Dave Otto - DO FinancialIBC Canada - Dave Otto - DO FinancialTop 3 Financial Advisors Calgary - DO Financial

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