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The Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®)

Establish generational wealth through your personal private banking system

Explore how Infinite Banking can support you in securing a lifetime of stable and predictable financial expansion.

Or as we call it, the Perfect Investment, why?

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The Infinite Banking Concept serves as a financial strategy employed by wealthy families, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals to safeguard and increase their wealth. They benefit from the advantages of utilizing the power of infinite banking.

Who are they?

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While the typical investor is advised to focus on long-term investments, dollar-cost averaging, and investing in RRSPs, wealthy individuals operate under a distinct set of rules, leveraging strategies to tilt the game in their favour, securing guaranteed returns with minimal risk.

Step into a world of financial empowerment with the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This transformative approach positions you as your own banker, opening doors to a personalized financial strategy.

To achieve wealth, emulate the habits of the rich who prioritize strategy over chance. The key lies in adopting a prudent and calculated approach rather than relying on luck or risky ventures.
The truth is, rather than seeking greater risks for increased gains, what you truly require is a more intelligent financial framework. The Infinite Banking Concept offers such a system by enabling you to safeguard, enhance, and expand your wealth within a single accessible account. Unlike traditional retirement funds that restrict access, this concept allows you the flexibility to utilize your funds whenever needed for any purpose.

When it comes to paying for, or off, big-ticket item purchases, personally, or in your business, how do you do it?

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The Problems

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The Problems

There is a better way!

Step into a world of financial empowerment with the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This transformative approach positions you as your own banker, opening doors to a personalized financial strategy.

Here's how it works:

Deposits & Safety

The funds you deposit into your Infinite Banking plan retain their value indefinitely. A segment of your account is shielded from legal actions, ensuring its security. As your account operates based on a contractual agreement, you have clear visibility into the guaranteed returns it offers. Moreover, being a private contract, it is not subject to the regulations governing government-backed retirement schemes.

Growth Potential

Your wealth increases effortlessly through tax-advantaged growth and the power of compounding interest within your account. With a consistent and assured return that typically averages around 5% historically, your wealth is set to grow steadily over time.

Unleash Liquidity

Easily tap into your funds for any need through swift and convenient access loans, all the while allowing your account balance to keep expanding. These private loans from your banking institution come without a designated repayment timeline and do not necessitate a credit assessment.

There is a better way!

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The Infinite Banking facilitates the creation of real, enduring wealth ... effortlessly.

Your Retirement

In the realm of retirement planning, we aspire to envision grand possibilities! Should our retirement savings fall short of fulfilling our dreams, the Preferred Retirement Solution stands ready to assist. Certain life insurance policies feature cash value that can be utilized as collateral for a tax-free bank loan, augmenting your retirement income. Unlike conventional loans, the debt is settled using the funds from the life insurance policy.

Your lasting legacy

Inquiring about one’s desire to leave a lasting legacy often elicits a resounding yes. However, when asked about the means to achieve such a noble goal, many may admit uncertainty with a simple “I have no idea.” Surprisingly, the solution lies within your life insurance policy. The tax-free death benefit from a life insurance policy can serve as a legacy that transcends your earthly presence. This benefit is not solely reserved for those looking to provide for their loved ones. Therefore, if you believe life insurance may not align with your specific circumstances, it’s time to reconsider. A life insurance policy has the potential to positively impact numerous individuals or even entire communities long after you’ve passed.

Increases your deposits through an annual dividend, enhancing your cash value.
Ensures capital preservation without jeopardizing the principal amount, safeguarding your cash value from market fluctuations and shielding your funds in the event of another economic downturn.
Resolves cash flow challenges with rapid access loans for any need, without the need for a credit check or inquiries, providing a seamless solution.
Provides preferred creditor protection, so your funds remain secure from potential loss in the face of legal actions or bankruptcy concerns.
Instant access to your funds in case of disability or emergencies without the need to liquidate your assets.
Enables tax-free retirement by offering the option to receive monthly payments without tax implications upon retirement, free from age restrictions and early withdrawal penalties.

Only a select few are acquainted with the Infinite Banking Concept, yet those who dedicate time to educate themselves have been delighted with the results or have been guided by a Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) Authorized IBC Practitioner®.

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