Retire to a life you love.


Pursue the Opportunities

I want to be more than informed. I want to be able to evaluate all of my options and expand my opportunities. When you can see all the possibilities that you can pursue, you’re not only equipped to make better decisions, you now understand all of your opportunities.

Fine-Tune Every Step of Your Journey

I want to know that I’m putting my best foot forward in all areas of my life, work and money. Your path for life, work, and money all play off each other and build a better tomorrow. When you gain more insight into your current situation, you are able to enhance your plan and build for a life that can handle external situations you can’t control.

A life you intentionally planned for, and one that can confidently handle the unexpected.


Understand What You Can Control

I want to spend my time and mindfulness on what I can control. Positive psychologists suggest that 40 percent of your happiness is up to you. People who focus on what they can control live happier and more successful lives.

Protect Your Life Passions

I want to know my passion and vision are at the forefront of my path forward. People and businesses with purpose have plans powered by rocket fuel. They are focused on achieving their financial and lifestyle goals and driven by a plan that keeps them on track.

Why choose Us

How we work

We take a Whole Picture planning approach to envisioning and syncing your life, work, and wealth – and supercharge your plan with Infinite Banking Concept® – a huge upgrade to conventional financial planning.

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Know Your Why

What motivates you? What are your goals? Which area of your life is most important to you?

Protect Your Lifestyle

Protect your income. Strengthen your business. Gain peace of mind. Plan for your family’s future.

Preserve Your Foundation

Minimize the impact of taxes. Deduct, defer, divide, discount, and distribute assets.

Grow Your Life, Business, & Money

Discover the true value of your business. Strengthen your personal wealth. Secure Generational Wealth.

Live a Full &
Rich Life

Enjoy more of your moments today, while still planning for a rewarding tomorrow.


What you want, when you need it, how to get there, why you’re planning; on your terms.


Understand your career choices and business; what you can do. Plan for tomorrow. Maximize the value of your career and/or business.


Leverage your strengths for personal wealth. Monetize your career and business success.

What is the

Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®)?

The Becoming Your Own Banker® (BYOB®) concept, also known as the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®), is Nelson Nash’s creation.
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Learn from us

We welcome you to explore our resources we’ve spent a lifetime uncovering from our personal life experiences, and working with clients and colleagues for over 37 years.


Few of us have ever been taught about the integration of life, work and wealth. There are too many blind spots to effectively and efficiently guide your personal financial, business, and life goals with any kind of real coordination and fulfillment.
In this white paper, we explore the 6 Best Practices of Whole Picture© Planning that weave their way into our lives, for the good and the bad, and ultimately decide the planned (or unplanned) outcomes ahead of us, no matter what life throws at us. 


It’s about ‘Whole Picture© Lifestyle Financial Planning’ and helps you to understand how it differs from standard Financial Planning and plain old product-focused Financial Advice. Whole Picture© Lifestyle Financial Planning is Financial Planning with an end in mind.


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