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We are members of Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) and Infinite Banking Canada Group (IBCG).

NNI is the creator of the Infinite Banking Concept® and is the grantor of the Authorized IBC® Practitioner designation.

IBCG is a group of collaborating independent Financial Advisors who are Authorized IBC® Practitioners across Canada.

We joined NNI and IBCG after our research concluded conventional wisdom and education about money leaves out key information – information that has been used by banks and the wealthy for generations.

NNI and IBCG aims to correct the common misconceptions that people have about money – and share a new way to think about and handle money – utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept® with your own finances and Become Your Own Banker®.

Our mission is to educate and inspire individual Canadians to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from outsiders.

The Authorized IBC® Practitioner is a type of financial professional that is set apart from among the ranks of the three-quarters of a million licensed financial experts in the U.S. and Canada. These individuals may be attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, CLUs or even stockbrokers, but in addition to their given trade they also practice a unique financial strategy that they teach to their clients.

This concept is so radically different from traditional wealth building strategies and the results so appreciably better that these practitioners are beginning to receive notable interest. The technique is so all-encompassing that it is not too far fetched to say that no other strategy will ever be needed in order to get the desired financial results.

Below are many resources that are available to you learn more about IBC®.

Please help us  educate future generations by introducing them to ways they can take back control of their money.

Whole vs Term Life Insurance in Canada

There is a better way!
Lost money can be recaptured!

Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®) Resources

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