The Working Capital Account (WCA) is the foundation of Whole Picture Planning.  It is the single most important decision you can make in creating ever-increasing working capital (savings) to deploy into other wealth-building opportunities in a better privatized banking environment.

Who Is It For? 

Virtually every Canadian would like to buy vehicles, toys, real estate, investments, business equipment and other big-ticket items during their lives.  Most require financing of the purchases. And with that comes a decision of how to acquire them. You either save and withdraw from your savings or you borrow.  Both have a cost – the cost of borrowing and the opportunity lost of withdrawing (the loss of compound interest your money would have accumulated to).

A WCA provides

  • Provides safe growth at returns, better than bank accounts and GICs, without risk of an economic tsunami, which means more abundance with peace of mind.
  • No loss in your working capital account growth when accessed which means you are not sacrificing any opportunities while you deploy your money on other great opportunities.
  • Provides guaranteed liquidity which means you have access to your working capital funds anytime you need it, by-passing the bank’s restrictive approval and controls.
  • All your working capital account growth is tax-free.

How it works

The WCA is the absolute best All-In-One financial security account that combines saving with immediate working capital creation, infinite compounding, guaranteed access to your working capital through borrowing.  While borrowing is generally something to avoid, borrowing from your working capital account allows your working capital account asset to continue to compound, like you never borrowed.  So, borrowing, when done correctly, is a sound strategy in building wealth!  

What you’ll learn in this free eBook

  • Pros and Cons of the “Borrow & Spend” or “Save and Spend” methods. 
  • The WCA way of financing your big-ticket items with your working capital account.
  • How to get started with your own WCA and build wealth.

Your personal WCA:

  • Provides instant cash without further asset commitments or guarantees meaning you’re in control, not the bank.
  • Preferred rates of interest when borrowing mean you don’t have to complete form after form and release your financials to be qualified by the bank.
  • Provides funds to create a larger legacy when you pass unexpectedly, which ensures you will leave a lasting legacy, in essence, create more working capital for the next generation.

WCA for Business Owners:

The Working Capital Account is available for individuals and businesses (opco’s, holdco’s, investco’s and trustco’s).

Your own Business WCA:

  • Lower taxed deposits mean you get full maximum value over deposits made personally
  • Protects your business against the loss of a key person. This means your business will have the funds to help it weather the storm to continue to serve your clients.
  • Provides funds to repay business loans that will ensure your business has the liquidity to continue to be successful for many generations to come.
  • Provides funds to buy out other owners when they pass unexpectedly, which means you’ll have the funds to buy back shares and stay in control of your business.
  • No legal fees meaning no rules and red tape to drag on your returns and access.
  • The flexibility of repayments including a totally open loan which means you’re in control, not the bank telling you what to do.

What other WCA Holders have to say

Famous, successful people like Ted Rogers, Walt Disney, Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Regan, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, many Fortune 500 companies and BANKS all used or use WCA’s!

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