The #1 thing business owners want to talk about these days, is how to avoid paying so much tax.

The Problem – 5 taxes

The problem with investing inside your corporation is, despite having lesser-taxed dollars to invest, you’re still going to pay:
• tax on the growth,
• tax when you spend it,
• tax when you die,
• tax over $50,000 passive income,
• and tax on the increased capital gains inclusion.

The Solution

Well, to avoid these 5 taxes, the solution that major accounting firms are recommending, and many business owners are implementing, is tax-exempt cash value life insurance.

You can create policies inside your corporation, right now, to eliminate:
• the tax on the growth,
• the tax when you spend it,
• the tax when you die,
• the tax on passive income
• and the tax on the higher capital gains inclusion.


And there is a bonus! It will reduce the need for bankers in your life.

Very Important!

Now, its very important that this policy is set up correctly, so be sure to have someone, with the proper advanced certification (CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, AIBCP), do it, like us.

Start saving tax today!

To start a cash value life insurance plan in your business, to stop paying these 5 taxes, contact us today!

03 Aug 2021

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