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Dave has been very good in helping us sort out my financial and insurance needs. He took confusion and focused us on what was important to our future.

Russ W.


My Association with Dave Otto goes back a number of years. Dave is always on top of things, has many valuable suggestions and comments. I feel very comfortable discussing money matters and anything related to my insurance needs with Dave. Dave is always willing to meet with me and discuss any questions or concerns I might have. I have no problems recommending Dave to my friends and family.

Dolf B.


I have been very satisfied over the years with your suggestions, advice and expert knowledge of your company services. When we have needed short-term loans the details were handled quickly and accurately and yes you may use my name as reference and may mark us as satisfied clients.

Brian B.

Business Owner

I have dealt with Dave Otto for over 10 years in the areas of group insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and financial planning. I have always found Dave to be very professional and knowledgeable. Dave is very accessible and does not to hesitate to seek third-party advice when required. I truly feel that Dave holds the needs of his clients above his own. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave to others.

Joe L.

Managing Director

“Dave has been our dedicated financial planner for 25+ years. His no pressure and upfront attitude enabled us to make informed decisions based on his extensive knowledge as he continues to keep up within the industry through continuing education. As many life events unfolded and as many ups and downs occurred, Dave listened attentively and addressed our concerns in a compassionate, and in a non-judgemental manner. Dave’s support continues to exceed our expectations, confidently and professionally guiding us through, as we journey through the stages of our lives together. What we appreciate most is his time and the many opportunities he provides to meet and talk so he would understand our personal goals. Many thanks for your excellent service.

Regarding DO Financial’s new planning processes, implemented July 2020, we would rate the book, Enough?, #1 for us. Next would be going through the homework …..visioning, Return on Life, Fiscalosophy and then discussing the outcome with you and Lori. Interesting to me, the process engaged John and he took better interest in our financial journey. The process opened up more conservation on this subject between the two of us and we seem to be clearer how each other think regarding our plans. The process is important to get the whole picture, as you are promoting. The outcome of the process is important to know how to proceed with your goals with confidence no matter what stage of life you are in.  We find your monthly newsletters interesting, relatable, and written as if we were talking one on one.”

Shelley M.

Fast response to requests; well thought out opinions; keeps in touch; available; able to help me with severance pension pay-out; credible; keeps current with trends and products; publishes excellent e-mail newsletter; not “pushy”; friendly; professional.

Pete W.

Dave, I find your service and dedication to your clients to be first rate. I am impressed with your knowledge of the industry and your ability to deliver the right product at a competitive price.

Jason B.

David, I am impressed with your knowledge of the products your company sells also the fact that after you explain them you do not force me to buy them with high pressure sales talk. I appreciate your practice of arranging an appointment convenient to me for our regular review. You arrive totally prepared and familiar with my file so that the time we send together is efficient and productive.

Stan C

We are very pleased with your expertise and service. Your financial guidance has allowed us to retire at a very early age and still maintain a good lifestyle. You keep us up to date on new initiatives that may affect our portfolio.

Dan K.

We are clients of Dave for 30+ years. We always appreciated his dedication to us ,guiding us through our life’s journey.
All his interactions with us are professional, genuine, and he is attentive to our individual lifestyle.
He continues to keep on learning and sharing his knowledge to better help his clients.We find this very impressive and shows the love he has for his chosen career and his clients.
Among the many tools he has available to him , he added one more very important tool recently. That is to include Lori as a Mindset Growth Coach to help his clients feel more comfortable about money and finances.She is ready and able to talk to you about any concerns and as a bonus offers practical guidance and topics through their monthly Newsletters.
When they talk about Whole Picture Planning it truly is achievable reaching your goals.
We have been COMPLETELY SATISFIED with all the decisions we made following Dave’s and Lori’s coaching.

Shelley and John
(Google 5-star review)

Shelley M

Dave from DO FINANCIAL helped me with life insurance planning, and it was a wonderful experience. He was professional, a great listener, and made his recommendations to my specific needs. One notable aspect of Dave is his commitment to communication. He was always prompt in providing updates and addressing my concerns, which made the entire process smooth. He was honest, showed integrity in his approach, and was patient in guiding me. He is a trusted financial advisor who stays up-to-date on industry trends. I highly recommend him for your insurance and financial planning needs.

(Google 5-star review)


Clear communication with the appropriate help needed to navigate thorough this new to me financial journey. Excellent representative that guided me and educated me with the policy that was best for my self, extremally happy and fortunate that Dave O was the one leading me through all of this!

Corbin G
(Google 5-star review)

Corbin G

Dave and his team at IBC have been instrumental in molding my investment ideologies into secure and effective methodologies that create extremely interesting business models as well as personal savings growth , while allowing me to realize my financial goals in a timely fashion. They’re steadfast dedication to helping dreams become reality is nothing short of 1st class. The level of professionalism demonstrated during every interaction has been an absolute breath of fresh air in the ever irritating financial world! Thank you Dave.

Landon R
(Google 5-star review)

Landon R

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