Not sure a #RRSP is right for you? Up front tax deduction is nice. However, you pay significantly more in taxes from a RRSP on withdrawal than the tax deduction you receive. To realize any decent growth you have to take risk. A RRSP is not usable as working capital unless you “cut down the apple tree” and pay a penalty. Another popular option is an IBC. IBC is safe, provides a decent return, with accessible working capital without cutting down the apple tree to access it. RRSP, IBC, or both? We offer each. #infintebanking #ibc #growth #tax #ibcanadagroup #risk #safe

07 Feb 2023

Time for a Rethink

A popular risk-based balanced ETF has an annualized return of 3.11% since its inception. A popular safe accessible dividend-paying whole life policy cash value has an annualized return of 4.39%…

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