Making them financially secure

IBC® for Kids

Envision the possibilities that lie ahead for your children, knowing that they have the potential to become millionaires.

By employing a method that generates compounded wealth capable of spanning multiple generations, all while avoiding the uncertainties of the stock market.

Through the utilization of the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®), you can finance your child’s college or university education with greater advantages compared to traditional savings methods. One notable benefit is the elimination of capital losses resulting from stock market fluctuations, allowing you to allocate more funds towards other important life goals.

The Infinite Banking Concept® encompasses a specially crafted structure, utilizing a Participating Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance policy that offers enhanced flexibility and the potential for significant cash value growth. By incorporating specific riders into the policy, you can substantially increase your cash value beyond what is typically achievable with conventional policy designs.

Creating a legacy of wealth for your family and future generations

Our mission is to assist families in establishing a lasting financial legacy

The Infinite Banking Concept® is a strategy that emphasizes building and maintaining a personal banking system using whole life insurance policies.
Participating in an IBC® policy for your kids can have several motivations, including:

Accumulating cash value:

A whole life insurance policy used in the IBC® strategy builds cash value over time. By starting an IBC® policy for your children at a young age, you allow the policy’s cash value to grow over the long term, potentially providing them with a significant asset for the future.
Creating a financial safety net:

Life insurance provides a death benefit that can serve as a financial safety net for your children in the unfortunate event of your passing. This ensures they will have some financial support and protection, especially during their formative years.
Teaching financial responsibility:
The IBC® strategy can be used as an educational tool to teach your children about the value of money, savings, and responsible financial management. Involving them in the policy’s management and showing them how it can be used to fund their own future expenses can instill valuable financial habits.
Legacy Planning:
Establishing an IBC® policy for your children can be a way to leave a lasting legacy. The policy’s cash value and death benefit can be passed on to your children, providing them with a financial foundation and potential opportunities for their own future needs, such as education, starting a business, or purchasing a home.
Tax advantages:

Life insurance policies, including those used in the IBC® strategy, often offer tax advantages. The growth of the policy’s cash value can accumulate tax-deferred, and the death benefit is generally received income tax-free by the beneficiaries. These tax benefits can provide additional financial advantages for your children.
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For over a century, these products have consistently provided dividends, making them a reliable choice.

The method employed by the ultra-rich has proven effective repeatedly, and now it’s your opportunity to enhance your family’s legacy.

Once you have accumulated a substantial cash value in your policy, you can access it without incurring taxes.

A legacy of wealth

What would be the perfect Gift to remind your Children or Grandchildren of the love you had for them?

Unlike traditional saving methods such as RESP’s, RRSP’s, Mutual Funds, or ETFs, which can be slow and prone to underwhelming returns, and market losses, the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®) offers distinct advantages:

  • Emulate the strategies of the world’s wealthiest families. Use the same system that Walt Disney and Jim Pattison used to build their empires
  • Gain access to a cash compounding machine that remains unaffected by stock market fluctuations.
  • Witness an annual increase in both the policy’s cash value and death benefits.
  • Earn bonus dividends as a part-owner of the insurance company.
  • Provide an enduring gift with participating whole life insurance, unlike disposable toys that end up discarded.

With IBC®, you can secure a robust financial foundation for your children,
setting them on a path towards long-term prosperity and stability.

Why IBC® Trumps RESPs: Setting Up Your Child for Life

Preparing for your child’s education is a critical step, but traditional methods like government registered education savings plans (RESPs) may fall short.
The benefits of the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®) and why it surpasses RESPs in setting up your child for a successful future:

Control & Ownership

With RESPs, the government sets the rules and can change them at any time. Market fluctuations also impact the growth. In contrast, setting up your child for life gives you complete control. It’s a privately placed contract with a government-approved reputable company, offering written guarantees.

Liquidity and Flexibility

Cashing out an RESP comes with consequences. You lose grants, growth stops, and capital gains taxes apply. In emergencies, penalties are applicable on non-educational withdrawals, grants are taken back, and capital gains tax affects accumulated interest. Conversely, setting up your child for life provides access to a policy loan of up to 90% of the cash value, with no credit check ever, and quick processing times, all while still earning full dividends.

Growth Potential

RESP investments are subject to stock market volatility. On the other hand, setting up your child for life creates compounded guaranteed money, independent of stock market fluctuations. Your family legacy growth remains under your control.

Creditor Protection

RESPs in Canada are not fully protected from creditors, except in Alberta. By setting up your child for life and designating the beneficiary correctly, you ensure creditor protection. No outstanding debt can touch your child’s life legacy.

Extended Timeframe

RESPs have contribution limits and must be used by age 35, with a lifetime limit of $50,000. In contrast, setting up your child for life offers flexibility. You are not confined to specific contribution limits or a set closing date. You can fund your whole life policy and control the timeframe, even until your child reaches the age of 100. The only limitations are the amount of life insurance the parents already have and your child’s qualification through a medical background check.

When it comes to securing your child’s future, RESPs have limitations and potential drawbacks. Embracing the Infinite Banking Concept® through setting up your child for life offers enhanced control, liquidity, growth potential, creditor protection, and extended timeframes. By choosing IBC®, you can provide a solid financial foundation that will support your child’s education and beyond, setting them up for a lifetime of financial security.

A prosperous future for your child - only with IBC® for Kids

***Assumptions based on major Canadian life insurance companies in 2023. Based on current dividend scales. Dividend scales are projected and not guaranteed until each dividend is paid. (Dividends have been paid each year for over 175 consecutive years). Based on starting a plan after child is 1 month old, and a monthly contribution amount of $500.

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There is a better way to leave your kids an extraordinary legacy!

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