Learn about Infinite Banking and how to use with Real Estate just like the wealthy do. 

Infinite Banking is a concept discovered and designed by the late Nelson Nash.  It allows people like you and I grow better wealth with guarantees through ultra-low risk and fees, generate additional passive tax-efficient income, and recapture control, lost money and time. 

I encourage you, especially if you are a real estate investor, to watch to learn about Infinite Banking and how successful real estate investors use it.  The four presenters are my colleagues at IBCanada Group. The presentation starts at 14:39 and runs to 1:28:17.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table – RPI January 2022

When finished watching please connect to share your thoughts and questions or to request additional info. 

To learn more about Infinite Banking click here.  I also refer to Infinite Banking as Working Capital Account.

A Better Bank

Leaving church last Sunday someone asked the pastor why they have been preaching the same message over the last year. The answer was they’ll keep preaching the same message until…

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