A question you should ask your financial/investment advisor: Do you invest my money in “sound money” investments?

“Sound money” is a type of money that is stable and not subject to sudden changes in value.

But “sound money” is so much more than value.

What Path Are You On?

Which financial planning path are you on? Unsound or sound? Risk or safe? Most are on the unsound risk path. What if you learned the sound safe path provides similar returns as the unsound risk path? Well, there is a sound safe path that does just that.

Sound Money

  • Sound money is safe money – the world’s safest storehouse of wealth.
  • Sound money gives you more control.
  • Sound money is easy to manage.
  • Sound money provides guaranteed returns.
  • Sound money provides decent returns.
  • Sound money provides consistent returns.
  • Sound money has no market volatility.
  • Sound money provides virtually the same long-term stock market returns after fees and taxes.
  • Sound money locks in gains.
  • Sound money is tax-free.
  • Sound money is money with no risk.
  • Sound money provides the worlds highest risk-adjusted return.
  • Sound money beats inflation.

More Sound Money

  • Sound money provides guaranteed borrowing with no credit check.
  • Sound money has no hidden fees or penalties.
  • Sound money has preferred creditor protection.
  • Sound money is asset efficient requiring less capital to generate tax-free passive income.
  • Sound money is the only way to recover lost money.
  • Sound money creates a legacy.
  • Sound money provides an easy and quick transfer on death.
  • Sound money is private.
  • Sound money allows you recover lost money.
  • Sound money allows you to be your own banker.
  • Sound money is diversification for your “risk money”.
  • Sound money is what the wealthy use.

Unsound Money

  • Money that is not “sound money” is “unsound money”.
  • “Unsound money” is money that loses value often.
  • The stock market is “unsound money”.

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07 Feb 2023

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