The Canadian Federal Government has launched the First Home Savings Account (FHSA) to assist first-time homebuyers. The account allows tax-free savings of up to $40,000 with annual contribution limits and tax deductions. Qualifying withdrawals for home purchase are non-taxable, but there are conditions for eligibility and withdrawal. The FHSA differs from RSP and TFSA in various ways.

In “Secrets of a Wealth Creator: How to Buy, Borrow, and Pay Smarter,” the key to financial success is revealed as not what you buy but how you choose to pay for things, particularly major capital purchases. Major capital purchases are those that cannot be paid for in full with your regular monthly cash flow. Instead, they often require financing, for example purchasing a car, going on vacation, or even buying new tires. Therefore, the focus is on buying smarter, borrowing smarter, and paying smarter. This book provides tips and tricks on how to make smarter financial decisions and manage your money more effectively. By being mindful and strategic with your purchasing, borrowing, and payment habits, you can create financial stability and build wealth over time.