We are Authorized Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC)® Practitioners.

The Authorized IBC® Practitioner is a type of financial professional that is set apart from among the ranks of the three-quarters of a million licensed financial experts in the U.S. and Canada.

These individuals may be attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, CLUs or even stockbrokers, but in addition to their given trade they also practice a unique financial strategy that they teach to their clients.

Authorized IBC® Practitioners must successfully complete the in-depth IBC Practitioners course, be interviewed, and ultimately accepted before membership is granted.

Authorized IBC® Practitioners advise on “sound money”.  Sound money is money that never loses value.  Stock market is “unsound money”.  

This concept is so radically different from traditional wealth building strategies and the results so appreciably better that these practitioners are beginning to receive notable interest.

The technique is so all-encompassing that it is not too far fetched to say that no other strategy will ever be needed in order to get the desired financial results.

Authorized IBC® Practitioners are an elite group with Canadian members only numbering around 50.

We have close to 40-years experience with IBC making meaning we know more about IBC than virtually any other financial advisor in Canada.

Any licensed life insurance agent can try to duplicate the expertise but invariably they are discrediting themselves by stealing the use of the names Infinite Banking and IBC.

Infinite Banking Canada Group (IBCG) is a group of independent financial advisors in Canada who are also Authorized IBC® Practitioners.

IBCG members provide those interested in IBC® more choice than non-independent IBC® providers. Many IBCG members also hold some or all of the following professional designations – CFP®, CLU®, CPA®, EPC®, TEP® and more. In addition to being Authorized IBC® Practitioners, members must also be interviewed and approved for membership.

Authorized IBC®️ Practitioner