Are you working a job? Have a career? Or Living in your Calling?

Let’s first look at a job and career to determine what a calling is.

A job usually is working 9-5, for someone else. Exchanging time for money. There is little skill required and can be learned while on the job.

A career usually requires training, an education and can sometimes take years to acquire the skills needed. You may be self-employed or work for a company. This position requires more than 9-5 and the salary reflects this commitment.

Most of us grow up with this expectation of one of these two paths. Our parents love us and want the best for us. We are then groomed by them or society into this direction.

In my family, it wasn’t expected that we have a post-secondary education, thus none of us do.

While as parents we expected our children to go farther and get a degree or diplomas.

But post-secondary education, diplomas or degrees do not ensure we are living our calling.

Sometimes we are just filling a need in society.

So, then what is a Calling?



  1. the loud cries or shouts of an animal or person. “the calling of a cuckoo”.
  2. a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation. “those who have a special calling to minister to others’ needs”.

Kathleen Cameron says “it’s doing God’s work”

I believe what these two definitions are saying is, it’s doing that one thing that is yours, it is a natural flow an expression from within you.

I compare it to an artist, they spend their lives practicing their skills until, what they see inside themselves is flowing out onto a canvas.

The same with a musician, practicing until the notes flow out with ease.

If we strip away the degrees, diplomas, the corporations and businesses and life’s expectations, if we strip away everything, and we are left with?

Our natural talents, our one “thing”, that’s your calling!

If you are working in a career and you consider it your purpose, your calling, congratulations!

For most other’s we’ve settled, because that’s where we are hired, and we may be really great at it!

Here’s 2 tests to see if it’s your true calling:

  1. What would your 5-year-old self, think about your choice?
  2. Is every thought, you think, every purchase you make, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, restaurants you eat in, people you socialize with, EVERYTHING You do, EVERYTHING You have, EVERYTHING You are, dedicated to or tied to this career then you are in your calling?

Your calling is a Divine responsibility to yourself, to mankind and to God. For without you, operating in your calling you’ll be leaving a rift at this present time.

Your calling is as individual as your thumbprint, nobody else can fill your shoes.

Are you just working a job or are you fulfilling your Calling?

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