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Since 1983, DO FINANCIAL has provided a refreshing different kind of financial advice, serving Canadian’s nationwide. We create value by helping people/businesses:

  • find and recapture hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost money.
  • create and manage more usable wealth for our clients with Infinite Banking® than conventional financial planning.
  • protect families, and plan for a healthy financial future.
  • protect hard-earned assets from financial catastrophes, and economic tsunamis.

We take a Whole Picture planning approach to envisioning and syncing your life, work, and wealth. We believe that we can have a bigger impact on your financial future by helping you avoid the losses rather than helping you pick the winning investments.

The DO FINANCIAL name (pronounced “Do” Financial) was selected to encourage action. In its simplest form, we help people connect their money to their life. But our personalized approach to wealth management is about so much more than that. We’re about understanding your life and your money, and how those two intersect.

We believe that the best way to do that is through a personal relationship with a partner you can trust.

Nothing makes us happier than to help people realize they have choices they didn’t even know existed. That takes hard work, knowledge and attention to detail – your details.

Life is about the people you share it with, and we strive to be one of them. We help you define your priorities and then put them in context with the rest of your life. We’re passionate about building long-term relationships with our clients to help stand with you as you turn the pages of your unique financial story. We take great pride in this connection, and the level of uncompromising integrity our clients have come to know us for.

With almost four decades of experience helping people make decisions about their money and their life, we bring a depth of expertise cultivated from being fully engaged in the many chapters of each client’s life. The trust and respect forged with our clients are the key elements that allow us to challenge them as they consider the many difficult decisions needed to help achieve financial freedom. We walk proudly beside our clients through these critical events. 

We are also one of about fifty advisors who are Authorized Infinite Banking® Practitioners in Canada.  Infinite Banking is a huge upgrade to conventional financial planning.  This means clients with the remaining 136,000 licensed financial advisors are missing out on recapturing hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime and more. See more under the Infinite Banking® tab.

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We have over 30 years experience of Financial & Marketing and We help you see the world differently, discover chances you may never have imagined. Our goal is to your success.
31 May 2024

Podcast: Building Real Financial Security Using Sound Money & Privatized Banking

Are traditional financial planning methods failing to provide the security and peace of mind you seek? Join Host Greg Belanger on Top Dog Tips as he explores a groundbreaking approach with Dave Otto, President of DO FINANCIAL Canada. Dave challenges conventional financial planning, specializing in sound money management and privatized banking.

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