In one word what described your last year?

COVID, loneliness, loss or broke? Or more like, health, opportunities, growth, change?

You can add your own words, are they positive or negative. Do they fill you with peace or anxiety?

While some languished in poverty of mind this past year, others took the time for self improvement, healthier lifestyle, online work opportunities or they took educational courses.

What do you want from 2022? More of the same or transformation?

2022 may hold the same environment around us, same job, same relationships, same financial situations, same address, same lockdown, but the deciding factor for your 2022’s outcome is entirely up to you. How you think, feel and act. 

Your past thinking got you to where you are today. Do you want different?  Change your thinking!  How?

Give yourself permission to be selfish. Focus 2022 on yourself!

Reading personal growth books is a fantastic way to begin filling yourself with the good you desire. The Having by Suh Yoon, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Happier than God by Neal Donald Walsch and so many more! 

Get a mentor or coach, specializing in mindset shifting.  Examples include Bob Proctor, Kathleen Cameron, and Tony Robbins. Many businesspeople and athletes have coaches. Why not you?  There’s someone for every personality. 

Observe yourself

Listen to the vocabulary you use. Are your words positive, uplifting, joyful? Or negative, fearful, judgmental?

Examine your thoughts. Are they your thoughts? Did you originate them, choose them, and then determine whether they are true? Or are they programming given to you by others, such parents, religion, or educators?

For example, presume a person has been told they are shy, a wallflower. What attention will they receive at a party?  They will probably be ignored, unheard, and passed over.

On the other hand, if a person was recognized for being outgoing, and the life of the party, how will they be received?  Probably the center of attention, listened to, and invited to join in. 

They each will receive the energy they put out. Sometimes it isn’t what they wanted. 

So, evaluating your inner thoughts is vital!

We are what we think.  The great news is we get to decide what we want to think!

Many businesses had their best year ever last year because they were forced to think differently and do things differently.

If 2021 wasn’t what you hoped for, decide today, that you are going to be the architect of 2022 by examining your spoken words and your inner thoughts. 

Be selfish, focus on you.  Be the star of your movie!  It will transform your life.  And when it does it has the potential to transform the lives of everyone around you!

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