If there’s one thing we know about life, it’s that it is complicated. It is made up of several areas that we must juggle and try to keep in balance, including our work, personal lives, and wealth. It all becomes more complicated when we consider the endless interconnectedness of each area and how they play into and impact one another.

Unfortunately, not many of us have learned about the integrations of life, work, and wealth. We often have many blind spots that are difficult to see or anticipate, which can make reaching our personal, financial, business, and life goals difficult.

These blind spots lead many to go through life by letting it unfold before them as it happens. But when you don’t have all the information, no clear vision or goals, you can end up living a life without the direction you desire.

But we believe that people become what they think about — and that’s why we want you to start thinking about your whole picture and what you can “DO” with your life.

When you “DO,” you take control over your life to live with purpose and passion.

When you “DO,” you set an intentional course for where you want to go and how you get there.

“DO” with your life, work, and wealth is easier than you think — especially when you have the right resources and guides to help you along the way. While it can be a challenge, when you are able to bring everything together to create a clear whole life picture, you get something incredible: real peace of mind.

Real Peace of Mind

Real peace of mind is the feeling you get when your life, work, and money are in sync. Why? Because you took the time to plan with all three in mind. It allows you to live freely, knowing that your life, work, and money are all working together towards the goals and the tomorrow that will bring you true fulfillment.

We believe everybody deserves to have real peace of mind, including you. You deserve clarity in your life, and nothing less. You’ve worked hard for what you have.

You’ve saved by being diligent and committed, and you deserve the best advice available that can help you get closer to where you want to be.

That’s precisely what we want to give you at DO Financial. We want to help you bring the bigger picture into focus and to guide you down the path you want to go on. We know your life is busy. We want you to be able to feel secure and confident about your tomorrow while still enjoying the freedom of spending precious time doing what truly matters to you today — all while working towards the goals that are important to you.

You can explore the DO’s and Don’ts that will help you weave your life picture together and how Whole Picture Planning can help you confidently navigate your life, no matter what it may throw at you. We understand the complexities of life and money, and that your priorities are your family, lifestyle, and business. We believe in helping you uncover your blind spots in your financial landscape so you can achieve an unobstructed view. How? By asking the right questions, using diagnostic listening, paying great attention to detail, and by helping you understand your why.

Why The Whole Picture?

Through years of industry experience, we’ve learned that traditional financial planning only works when you have an unobstructed view of your entire financial situation. But the reality is, very few people have this. Instead, we believe in planning using Whole Picture Planning. This goes far beyond analyzing and implementing financial strategies and solutions. Instead, it’s about the process of knowing why you’re planning, then establishing expected outcomes, understanding your concerns, and exploring opportunities, possibilities, and realities.

Are you ready to start putting the pieces of your Whole Picture Plan together? Connect with us today.

Dave Otto B.B.A. CFP®️ CLU®️ CH.F.C.®️ EPC®️

Founder and President, DO FINANCIAL

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