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At DO Financial, we are dedicated to helping people mostly aged 50 and up take control of their finances with confidence and pride. Our clients value Whole Picture© planning, have a minimum of $500,000 to invest, invest in business insurance and/or wealth transfer insurance, with a desire to align their finances with the most important parts of their lives and what truly matters to them.

Men and Women who are retired, or close to it, or not retiring

Retire to a life you love, full of meaningful moments. We help many people who want to retire in 5 years or less, and many who have decided to not retire.

Business Owners, Business & Health Care Professionals, High Net Worth, Ultra High Net Worth

We work with you to help you get the whole picture for your retirement and plan for all your up to 70 life transitions. Many of our clients are busy business owners and professionals who want help to make sense of all their assets while still enjoying the freedom of spending what they've worked so hard for.

Nice, open-minded people

We've discovered that we work best with nice, open-minded people. It sounds simple because it is. Life is too short. Why not have the relationships we enjoy. When you focus on what you can control, you'll build a happier and more successful life for yourself and your loved ones. We work with people who are committed to achieving success in what's really important in their life.

Those who are looking for trusted partners

Studies show 85% of people are not prepared to navigate their life transitions.  Our clients understand that their financial security is too important to be doing it by themselves. They understand the value of having personal and professional advice to help them make the best decisions about their money. That gives them more time to create a life they love.

Something different

You diversify your investments, why not your advice?  That's the value we provide in our meetings where you get two sets of eyes and ears, left and right brain perspectives, male and female energy along with science of the mind when you meet with Dave and Lori.  Left-brained financial advisors focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. Right-brained financial advisors, on the other hand, focus on aesthetics, feelings, and creativity.  Science of the mind is what top elite athletes use to create new levels of achievement.  

Time for a change

Perhaps you've outgrown your existing advisor. Maybe your existing advisor has never discussed and prepared you for the life transitions you will face.  Perhaps they have recently retired, or plan to sell their book of business to a younger, less experienced advisor, not your age, not comfortable with, at a time you need knowledge and experience the most.

Our best years are ahead of us. We love what we do and envision sharing our years of wisdom with our current and new clients for many years to come!

What does success look like to you when you have the whole picture? Let us know how we can work together to help you achieve it.

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