If a better way to earn more with less risk, fees and taxes became available, and your existing advisors are not aware, or sharing with you, would you like to know?  When would you like to know?

Many say they are good.  I get it.  You get interrupted at an inconvenient time.  Or you think something sounds too good to be true. Many better things are not scams. 

Below is used by many wealthy people and endorsed by many accountants and economists for over 100 years.

What I want for me, I want for many others.

Below you will see 99% of financial advisors and planners recommend strategies in the risk column, which, as you see, does not make much sense when compared to the safe option.

You owe it to yourself to book a conversation with me. I will show you how to earn more wealth and recapture money you didn’t even know you were losing. 

Lost Money

Lost money is mortgage and loan interest.  The example below shows $1.1M in lost money.  This lost money can be recaptured.

18 Oct 2022

Another Dive Into Inflation

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25 Oct 2021

Are You Girdling?

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