Top Financial Fears People Have and What You Can Easily Do to Eliminate Them Now

When we were born, we had no fears. We were told we can accomplish anything we want. Many of our fears were created in our education system where we were told not to dream in class, be subject to bullying, and to adhere to rules.

The top fears

The top fears people have are illness/health, dying, debt and lack of savings.
Let’s add to this the biggest frustration and challenge people say they have – lack of control.
What if I can help reduce or eliminate these fears? I can.

Illness/Health Fear

We become what we think about it. If you believe you have perfect health studies show you will be healthy. If you worry about health your worries may manifest as illness. Studies have shown our body completely renews our cells every 11-months. Many studies also show that our body does the healing, not the doctors and medications. It’s the belief in the doctors, medications and treatments that heal us. While there may be exceptions to the rule, we encourage our clients to visualize themselves as being in perfect health. Life is a gift so let’s live it fully!

Dying Fear

Let’s duplicate some of my comments above here. We are all born to die some day. Some believe we are spiritual beings and our body is our temporary home. Here’s some advice. Have goals. Goals give you something specific to focus on. Live each day as though its your last with the expectation you’re going to live age 100.

Debt Fear

Most people have or have had debt. Its virtually impossible to not live without debt at points in our life.
So, if we’re going to have debt, we want the best strategy to acquire it and to pay it off as profitably as possible.
Yes, I said profitably. Why not? The banks profit on debt. Why shouldn’t you?
To do so you need to “own your debt”. More on that in a moment.

Savings Fear

On to lack of savings. We are blessed to live in such a wealthy country where most of us have the resources to save if we manage our money in a disciplined fashion. I know it can be a challenge at times due to circumstances. In most situations we have the resources to save. For many, a lack of savings is due to their decision making – spending more than is available. The solution then is to first decide you are going save. To have money to save you may need to make the decision to reduce what you’re spending in non-life sustaining areas of your budget. 

Savings Fear may also be related to the unknown.  Unless you have a financial planner calculate if you have enough, more than enough or not enough you will not know, and are needlessly worrying about some you may not need to fear, 


So, let’s fast forward. You have now saved for something you want. Our culture has brainwashed us into believing we have 2 options – borrow, then repay and save, then spend.

Borrow Then Repay

The problem with borrowing is you must pay interest and must reborrow for your next purchase. Credit is getting harder to obtain all the time no matter how wealthy you are. There is a better way.

Save Then Spend

Saving, then spending has its own problems. Once you’ve spent you must start to save all over again for your next purchase. This option also has a finance cost – the opportunity lost on the interest you would have earned had you not spent it.

Compound Interest

Albert Einstein once said compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the World. You either earn it or you pay it to someone else, commonly the bank. This is why the banks are so wealthy.


This leads to a better option – a blend of each of there options – borrow from your savings that allows for compound interest to continue.
As you repay the loan your savings have grown so you can borrow more for your next purchase. Its like your own equity line of credit.

Control Fear

This leads us now to the issue of control.
Henry Kissinger once said, “Who controls money control the world.”
Our banking system was created for control. Not our control, but for government control. We are told, to ensure a nation’s economy remains healthy, its central bank regulates the amount of money in circulation. Influencing interest rates, printing money (that creates inflation), and setting bank reserve requirements (that creates more inflation) are all tools central banks use to control the money supply.


The Austrians have identified a problem with our banking system. That problem is control and inflation. Inflation is bad for the country, you, and me. Governments don’t seem to have a solution for it. If they do, they’re not telling anyone. For more on this click here.


The Austrians have proposed a solution that will help fix the banking problems and address the fears of dying, debt, lack of savings and control.
It will allow you to compound your money and own your debt. Compounding your money makes you more money. Owning your debt also makes you money, money you were forfeiting before to the bank. This is hundreds of thousands of dollars!
When you own your debt there is no credit qualification. This puts you in control, not the bank.

Privatized Banking

The solution is privatized banking. Prior to our banking system being created in the 1930s, privatized banking was how we banked.
Privatized banking is alive and well so says the Austrian School of Economics, and many well-known wealthy people.  
To see if privatized banking is right for you click here.

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