There are 3 types of goals.

An A-type goal is something you know you can accomplish and know how to accomplish it. For many that’s buying a car.

A B-type goal is something that you think you can do. That may be booking that dream vacation.

A C-Type Goal is something:

  • You really want.
  • Lights a fire in your belly.
  • Causes you to stretch and go beyond where you’ve ever been
  • Is so big, it scares and excites you at the same time
  • You have absolutely no idea HOW to reach, you just know you will.

You don’t have to know exactly how you will reach your “C” goal… you just have to make the decision to do it and start moving toward it.

So, let’s assume you have decided on a C-type goal. Congratulations!!

Now what?

You need to continually visualize your goal as already accomplished.

How do you do that?

You must imprint this goal on your subconscious mind. Sounds complicated? It’s not really.

You must consistently think about it. Repetition is one of the secrets.

By continuously thinking on it and knowing why you want it, using all the “feelings” towards it and you’ll begin to see a way, a path will form. Neville Goddard, called it ”the bridge of incidents”.

Some people write this goal over and over, up to a hundred times a day.

Others record themselves repeating it on a loop tape.

Another way is continually reminding yourself. There are a few examples. One is to carry reminder stones or jingling coins in your pocket. Every time you hear them it reminds you of your desire.

Vision boards are also a consistent way of reminding yourself.

Bob Proctor, from the movie The Secret, uses the idea of an index card that he calls a Goal Card with your goal written on it, exactly what you desire. Carry it with you and read it often throughout your day.

I personally use this method. But since I work from home, I’ve pinned mine up on my bulletin board, right at eye level, just right of my computer screen.

This way if I’m feeling confused, disappointed, distracted, overwhelmed, or wanting to give up, I see it, right there in black and white, what I want and why I’m doing it.

It’s a clear, concise, statement with a heartfelt why I’m doing it.

Most people, when they contemplate their C-type goal, quickly brush it aside and never pursue it because of fear or not believing they can achieve it.

Going after a C-type goal might require something “drastic” like quitting your job, borrowing a large sum of money, moving to another city or getting out of a relationship. It’s moving out of your comfort zone and heading straight for, what Bob Proctor calls, the “Terror Barrier.”

Don’t be discouraged! Knowing you will experience it allows you to not be surprised and will allow you to prepare strategies to break through it.

Often this Terror Barrier is a paradigm or something fearful imagined. When you break through the Terror Barrier you realize the Terror Barrier was not what you imagined. Once through, there is growth and inspiration.

A Goal Card, stones or coins will help keep you focused and could be your ticket to all your dreams coming true!!

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