“Dave has been our dedicated financial planner for 25+ years. His no pressure and upfront attitude enabled us to make informed decisions based on his extensive knowledge as he continues to keep up within the industry through continuing education. As many life events unfolded and as many ups and downs occurred, Dave listened attentively and addressed our concerns in a compassionate, and in a non-judgemental manner. Dave’s support continues to exceed our expectations, confidently and professionally guiding us through, as we journey through the stages of our lives together. What we appreciate most is his time and the many opportunities he provides to meet and talk so he would understand our personal goals. Many thanks for your excellent service.

Regarding DO Financial’s new planning processes, implemented July 2020, we would rate the book, Enough?, #1 for us. Next would be going through the homework …..visioning, Return on Life, Fiscalosophy and then discussing the outcome with you and Lori. Interesting to me, the process engaged John and he took better interest in our financial journey. The process opened up more conservation on this subject between the two of us and we seem to be clearer how each other think regarding our plans. The process is important to get the whole picture, as you are promoting. The outcome of the process is important to know how to proceed with your goals with confidence no matter what stage of life you are in.  We find your monthly newsletters interesting, relatable, and written as if we were talking one on one.”

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