Why is it so difficult talking to our own children about money or anything?

Do you find this or is it just me?

I have listened to and given loving guidance to many young people over the years.  The ones, not related to me, have listened, acted on it and have benefited from it. But my own kids are a different story

This gets me wondering, why?

I see a trend to think that children and younger people think parents and grandparents are out of touch, even stupid! 

When I asked my youngest son why, and he sees us as antiquated, not keeping up with the rate of technology changes. I frankly will agree with that. It took me awhile to remember I have a flashlight right in my phone. I don’t need to go look for one, lol. 

Yes, I agree, in this wonderful world of high technology, my kids are way more advanced than I am, without a doubt. 

But we have something that they don’t have, years of experience and wisdom!

I think why our own children don’t listen to us, is, they have seen us in the lowest, highest, and the messiest points in our lives. It’s had for them to see past all this to the genius we have inside us. 

So how is one to guide our children about finances?

Who will be their mentors? As we all know the education system isn’t teaching them about money.  They guide them to how to make money but not what to do with after that. 

I was reading a book written by Martha Adams “Cleopatra’s Rich’s”. This is what she has to say about teaching our children about money.

“Growing your money isn’t something that is seen unless you have access to the information. You see people earning money, and you see people enjoying it.  But it’s the in-between step that really has no obvious visual cue. How many of us saw the bank statements, financial reports, or income tax filings from anyone around us?”

If you grew up like me, the process of finance was not seen nor discussed.  It was secretive. Unfortunately, we repeated the paradigm with our own children and the results are obvious. 

So, the answer is clear. Include your children in financial discussions. Show them bank statements, income tax returns, mortgages, give them a good sense of what it takes to Earn, Grow and Enjoy money.

Here’s one bonus I thought of.  Instead of you being the bad guy and saying NO to purchases or we can’t afford it, you’ll be able to say to them, lets see what our banking looks like right now. 

But my children are all grown up and it’s too late!? You may ask.

It’s never too late to teach your family about finances.

Plan a sit down, open your portfolio and be honest. Show them your mistakes, successes, get the discussion juices flowing.

If this feels completely uncomfortable, maybe you need a mediator?

This is a perfect time to introduce your financial planner to your family!

If it is your desire for your children to have healthy, successful financial decision making then these conversations are vital!

Just imagine, the deep connection and understanding between yourself and your child that will be created!

Envision the successful financial habits that you will pass down to your children and grandchildren, and ultimately generations to come.  All by simply including your children in healthy open conversations of how to Earn, Grow and Enjoy money!


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