Ok ladies you’ve achieved side hustle success! What should you do with the overflow?

There are some amazing, creative, motivated women out there, who just want more for their lives, more money for their family and more fulfilling opportunities. And they will go the extra mile to provide this desired income.

These women are usually already working a job, be it full time or parttime. They are raising a family and have big goals, grand dreams and these all take money.

These lovely ladies take the very little free time they have and dedicate it to the creation of more income for themselves and families.

Often, she achieves this success through MLM (multi level marketing) companies, or a second job, maybe as a online influencer.


My question is why do she feel the need for more income and success? The reasons could be a multitude of things such as:

  • she’s a single parent, she’s needing to meet ends meet.
  • the total household income isn’t providing for the extras she desires in her life.
  • to create a financial safety net.
  • maybe fun money.
  • family vacations.
  • the children’s extra curricular activities.
  • post secondary education funds for herself or her children.

The reasons are as diverse as the individuals themselves.

What I have noticed is that this successful woman is very motivated, organized and focused about her mission.

Now what?

So now that the side hustler woman who has achieved success has met her objective, she took the family on the vacation, bought herself her dream car, renovated her kitchen, gave to charities.

She’s made all the money she has determined she needs to accomplish her goal, but she continues with the adventure creating more and more money.

She has discovered she is really good at it and decides to continue with her pursuit of more. The money keeps pouring in and her cup is running over!

What’s the plan for the Abundance, the overflow?

What does she do with it all?

This kind of abundance changes everything, socially, buying power, tax bracket, often her address, her investment possibilities, even the balance of income power in the home.

These changes can prove to be daunting. Something we are not trained nor prepared for.

So how do these super women learn to deal with so much money?

She is smart,  and asks for help from her financial planner. She doesn’t ask friends, family, or neighbours for their ideas about money, or leave it up to her partner to take care of it.

“The number one reason why people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family and neighbours.” Andrew Carnegie

This abundant woman is a self-sufficient and a willing student. She does her own research, being so smart that she never takes what she hears, sees or reads at face value. 

She makes her own decision, and quickly – as most wealthy do! Super Woman understands the concept of trusting herself and makes the decision once everything is made clear to her.

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This smartie pants women, sees her future and she determines what she wants and along with her financial advisor, she sets the plan into motion.

All this to say, you women are brilliant, you’ve doubled yourself, doubled and sometimes tripled your income! Some of you have even quit your job and become the master of your own financial and time destinies with what was once your side hustle!

I have personally watched ladies become six and seven figure income earners through the side hustle!

Are you one of these super women, who has discovered her secret power of making money?

What to look for when investigating a financial planner?

Experienced, deep wealth of knowledge pertaining to finances, outside the box thinking (doesn’t always follow the crowd), a team backing them, fantastic referrals, but most important, a person you feel “gets you”.

You’ve talked and they’ve heard you, they demonstrated this by repeating, your dreams, ideas, and goals back to you, and it’s reflected in the plans they have created with you.

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You’ve worked hard for your money, now let your money work for you!

Brilliant women need brilliant financial plans built by brilliant financial planners who understand women, like our firm. We get you.

05 Feb 2021

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