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If your family has medical and dental expenses, pay for those expenses in the most tax-effective way possible: with Health Insurance.

Health insurance covers many eligible expenses of any benefits plan in Canada and are reimbursed up to 100%. If you are a business owner you should also consider the Health Spending Account (HSA).

Plans We Offer

We are pleased to be able to offer you some of the best health coverage available in Canada. Below are three options based on your situation.

Note both options may be available to you so it is generally best to check them both out.

These plans are great options if you’re self-employed or don’t qualify for benefits with your employer:

Canada Life: PlanDirect – Core, Core Plus and Elite

  1. Plans that need to be underwritten for people with or without prior coverage.
  2. Guaranteed to issue for clients with no prior coverage (Core Guaranteed Acceptance)

Canada Life: PlanDirect – Basic, Comprehensive and Premier

  1. Guaranteed to issue plans for clients with prior coverage. when applied for within 60 days of losing coverage


Up to 100%


Protects you and your family

Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance allows you to pay for your medical and dental expenses in the most tax effective way possible.

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