Since 1983, DO FINANCIAL has provided a different kind of refreshing financial advice that generates more wealth than conventional financial planning.  

  1. Our individual and business clients generate more wealth by eliminating investment risk and their losses, instead of trying to pick the top investments that are always changing – unlike conventional financial planning.
  2. Our clients generate even more wealth by recapturing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost money – not available with conventional financial planning.
  3. We protect hard-earned assets from financial blind spots, catastrophes, and economic tsunamis – better than conventional financial planning.

Our Whole Picture Planning approach envisions and syncs your life, work, and wealth.

Tired of doing the same things and expecting different results? Let’s talk!

07 Feb 2023

Time for a Rethink

A popular risk-based balanced ETF has an annualized return of 3.11% since its inception. A popular safe accessible dividend-paying whole life policy cash value has an annualized return of 4.39%…

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