Have you ever wanted something so bad, but you have no idea how you’re going to get it and its going to take a huge measure of luck to obtain it? I’m there in this right now. I have a desire for and set my mind on something that I in no way can work towards, figure out or buy to obtain this goal. What should I do in this situation?

What I have done is I’ve meditated on it, I pushed, and pressed the desire down into my subconscious mind and I visualized the heck out of it!

The object of my desire is the Princess Margaret Early Bird draw prize – a cottage. I see myself cooking Thanksgiving dinner and family all around enjoying the beach, jumping off the dock, kayaking, evening campfire, everyone has a beautiful bed to sleep in and our Golden Retriever running free on the property! I’ve even planned on what changes I’d make to personalize it.  I mean I have visualized the *#it out of it! But like any great plan there needs to be some action towards it. So I went an purchased a new swimsuit but further I bought some ping pong balls used a marker and put our winning numbers on them, took a picture, printed some and stuck them up in strategic spots around the house, over the coffee maker, in front of the toilet, just below the TV screen an at my computer. These numbers popping up in the draw machine are a clear image I have. I’m my mind I have already won!!

All this to say what are you working on? Have you a plan, are you visualizing it, seeing it, tasting it, touching it, smelling it? Is it real to you? Have you taken action toward it? Until you do its only a wish.

So, tomorrow is the announcement, and I’m pretty confident you’ll hear my name. Take care goal achievers!  

27 Oct 2021

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