Women, you are incredible! Not only do you work all day, keep your family organized and going, but many of you strive for even more, by joining a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. Bravo you!

With the promise of fun friends, cars, travel, and fortune we sign on the dotted line. Hoping for a bright future for our families. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case.

  • A minimum of 50% of MLM representatives drop out in the first year.
  • A minimum of 90% of representatives leave within five years.
  • By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out—which means at least 95% of representatives have dropped out.

I’m not saying don’t join an MLM. What I am saying is do your research! Know what you’re signing up for?

  • How much you are obligated to spend monthly?
  • Know your product. Is it all that they claim it is?
  • Is there real money to be made?
  • Know your audience.
  • Is your product consumable (do the customer need to re-buy monthly)?
  • How much hustle is required weekly/monthly?
  • Is it sustainable? When your friends and family are all signed up, who then?


I’ve personally joined several over the years, but success never happened.

I did the contacting, listened to all the uplink recordings, went to the monthly meetings and I knew my why. I believed in the amazing product!

Why wasn’t it working?

The answer was twofold. Low self-image and I didn’t like the idea of sales.

Frankly if either of these two, or both, are a part of you the paradigm (habits or habitual thing), success in sales will elude you.

The law of vibration teaches us how we view and talk to ourselves is reflected out. If I don’t have confidence in myself, or my ability to sell, or that my opinion isn’t worth listening to, others will respond in a like manner.

So, number one, before signing on the dotted line, check your self-image. Do you feel worthy of the success you seek?

Second, understand sales. This is truly the biggest problem with this model of building a business.

MLM’s get people to sign up who have no idea of how sales work and usually have a negative view of salespersons.

Once again, it’s about checking your thoughts and the image of sales or the process of sales. If your idea of sales is pushy, slimy, loud, and competitive, then guess what? You are feeling negative about it, and this is the vibe you are sending out. No wonder you can’t attract people!

I guess this is my biggest beef with MLM. They are trying to create something that most of us are truly not ready for, yet they convince us things will be different and we’ll be a huge success!

If you have tried an MLM and failed it isn’t your fault. Your mindset isn’t prepared.

Great news! You too can be prosperous!

The journey to successful sales starts from within. Getting clear on the picture you hold of yourself is essential, if it isn’t good that’s the starting point.

There are so many fantastic books to help you on this path, but my recommendation is to get a mindset coach first. To be honest, until I had a coach none of the self-help books made sense.

Having a coach who is willing to break it down, give steps and answer questions is the bomb!

Was it easy? No! For me, there’s been lots of crying, sleepless nights, yelling at the universe. But also, after time and diligent search for truth, clarity was found, my purpose discovered, and abilities developed.

Was it fast? For some like me, no. For others, such as Kathleen Cameron, almost instant. You can read her story in a book called “Becoming the One”.

My point is this, in order to be successful in a MLM, or anything you strive for, you must know yourself, and your abilities.

Never before have so many success-driven women been seeking financial independence, in search for that “one thing” that’ll bring them money with ease in less time. Multi-Level Marketing does work! But only as well as your self-image.

Do you need to change your paradigms? We have several coaching connections and lots of reading content to refer you to. Connect with us and we can help introduce you to people who can help connect you to your future successful self!

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