If you think for one minute that people get rich by saving their money, you are sadly mistaken.
Saving money, having a tight budget, and buying the cheapest quote all work against the wealth concept.
There is a natural law which states, “nature abhors a vacuum” -Aristotle.
We know this from fundamental science class.
Where there’s a void, nature fills it.


If your bank account is stuffed full, nature reads it as you don’t need more. On the other hand, if you move that money out, there’s a void that nature will need to fill. (The secret is to decide on the number you want it to be filled with and why.)
Money must be moved to make room for more money.
The example I use is, imagine, you have never gotten rid of your old clothes, the outdated, worn out , too big, too small clothes. In fact, your closet is so full you couldn’t possibly squeeze anything more into it.


So why would you even think about buying new clothes? They’ll end up hanging on the floor!
Why, because we are made for wanting more, more wealth, more air, more food, water, more life!
About the closet, we know how to make room, we must get rid of the articles that no longer serve us, to create that void.
Now that you’ve donated and given away your old wardrobe, you are able to see what is needed and feel good about filling it with new clothes.
Don’t sell the old clothes because you have then filled that void with adequate compensation in the form of money. Donate and give away.


Money works the same, if you are afraid of the “rainy day” and you are not using or enjoying your money today, nature sees you as full.
When you move money through donations, going on vacations, helping family, buying what your heart desires, with joyful expectation, then nature fills that void you have created.
Money isn’t meant to collect dust; the bible says it tarnishes and rusts.
Money is meant to be spent, moved, just like water is to drink, air is to be breathed, they do not run out, then why do we think money will?
How do I know this works? Because we are living it!

Personal Experience

Once we figured out what we truly desired and began using money towards it, with joyful expectation, nature filled the void and even more!
The wealthy understand this concept about money in motion.
“The rich are operating on the belief that money is abundant and earning it is easy as solving a problem through persistent, creative thought,” -Steve Siebold in his book How Rich People Think, chapter 32.
Its giving with intentionality, with purpose – to help you grow, to encourage and support others.
We at DO FINANCIAL have creative and persistent ideas that WILL help put you into the flow of money. As always, if you want to chat more on these concepts of money, we look forward to it!

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