It’s no secret; we all wish for more money. Ask anyone.

Then, why don’t more of us have more money? Why are some rich and others poor, even if they are in the same environment and job? Why is it that sometimes one person is successful, and another person doing the exact same thing remains poor? Do the wealthy think differently about money?

I know there are many questions to be answered, but please allow me to ask a final one. Have you ever considered money a living entity or a spirit that needs love and attention from us?

If that seems farfetched, let me elaborate.

Money acts and responds to us as we act and respond to it. If you think of money as scarce or in lack, money will respond to you in the same manner. Whereas, if you think that money comes to you in abundance with ease and flow, it will be abundant and flow into your life with ease.

Let me be honest, for about 99 percent of my life I have seen money as white noise running in the background of my life. It’s there, and I know it, I need it, I use it, I wish for more of it, but I didn’t want to think about it at all.

Back then, money was a subject that caused too much unrest for me, so I ignored it and let my husband deal with it. I believed money was power, and it was used to make or break people: “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

It’s only through the study of myself, that I discovered this inner dialogue and realized that to attract the spirit of money, I need to love on it, nurture it, and treat it like someone I care about, for example, my pet cat.

One of my mentors, Kathleen Cameron, an expert in money attraction, said: “Money comes to where it’s loved and stays where it’s treasured.”

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Reflecting on this phrase got me thinking about how I treat money, and I realized that I treat it as an unwelcome street cat that comes to my door, but I don’t pay any attention to it. I just let it find its way around the house, or even worse, I leave it outside catching its own dinner, never petting it or talking to it.

It might sound silly, but I learned that if money is a spirit, we should treat it well in order for it to stay around. So, now I treat money like I do my own cat, which I pet, stroke, and love on her until she wants to stay and be near me every day.

While I don’t treat money exactly how I treat my cat, I put the same spirit into it by using other means. How, exactly? By examining what I think and say about it.

Consider your inner dialogue for a moment. Do you often say things like: “I can’t afford it,” “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “easy come, easy go,” “ is this a want or a need?”, “money’s like water slipping through my fingers”?

Or take my favourite example, the one I used to say so often when I saw something I liked in a store, while I put the item back on the shelf: “if it’s here next time, it’s meant to be, and I’ll buy it then!” I played that poor woman’s game often.

The problem with this mindset is that these thoughts and actions tell the spirit of money that she’s not welcome here. So, what can we do to change those thoughts?

First, you must train yourself to become aware of your thoughts and listen to your dialogue about money. Is it inviting money or repelling it? Once you are able to catch yourself thinking or saying one of those negative phrases, tell that thought to get lost and replace it with a more loving and accepting one, such as “I can’t afford it,” to “I can afford it, whether I choose to buy it or not.”

Rebuke, replace it. I love this thought: “I am confident in my abilities to create more money and replace more than what I spent.”

Love on your money. Treat it as your wanted and loved pet. You want money to come and stay. Our habitual thinking about money is what keeps us from getting rich. Change your thinking and change your life.


Updated April 18, 2022


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