Most think that luxury costs a lot of money but that’s no necessarily so. Find out how we can experience luxury in our everyday lives and the purpose of pursuing luxury.

Luxury is an important subject; it has differing feelings attached to it. For many, luxury is offensive, unattainable, only for the selfish. For others it is right, a feeling of opulence and growth.

Often, we think of luxury as big! Fast cars, expensive vacations, high end clothes and accessories. All the things the wealthy buy.

But it doesn’t need to be so, luxury is anything we consider exceptional or spoiling ourselves.

A bath with bubbles, a specialty coffee from Starbucks, a spritz of your favourite perfume, fresh cut flowers on the table, a new comfortable pen, a new book, signing up for your favourite sports channel, dinner out with you sweetie.

Dave loves to be served, a breakfast made for him, For me it’s the hot tub, in the middle of a snow fall.

Using these smaller luxury feelings as steppingstones to move us forward, they grow our desires for more.

Luxury is a feeling we all seek; without luxury we have nothing to strive for. When we hear a person say they don’t want much, that’s a person with low self-esteem.

We are meant to grow, advance, achieve.

When we deny ourselves this idea of luxury, we become stagnant, and dis-ease with ourselves and life happening around us. There’s nothing sadder than a person without goals.

Not only will the small luxury “thing” give you a “pick me up” but, it is important to use these little luxury feelings to expand our desires for more.

More is what we are created for. Once we have experienced more, it’s natural for us to want even bigger, better, shinier. Let’s be honest with ourselves, No one desires less, no one wants smaller.

This idea makes me think of camping. When I was 16, I had no problems camping in a tent, loved it!

Then as I grew and experienced more luxury in life a tent trailer was good enough, but now after I’ve grown and have had the taste of the good life only hotels is the way for me.

Growth is expansion of ideas and experiences.

Go for the little luxury, next stop, a big house in Hawaii, that fast sports car or whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of!

Think luxury, grow, and expand!

27 Jul 2021

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