Lost? Overwhelmed? Disillusioned?

Oh, my goodness, this seems to be the theme right now!

The young, old, and everyone in between, seems to be struggling. 

There are so many scenarios for these legitimate feelings. 

Our economy looks bleak, the politicians are a joke and for many people the fairy tale life is crumbling before their eyes. 

And to top it off, the pressure of social media, telling us our opinions and what to think. 

If your opinion is different, you are shamed and called ignorant. The frustration in our society right now is toxic. 

We are judged by race, sex, political affiliation, and religion. 

It doesn’t matter your stance on any given topic.  According to someone you’re wrong. 

We can lose focus when these other distractions come into our peripheral vision. We can get knocked off our game for sure!

Left feeling judged wronged and questioning myself, “am I a good moral person?”

It can be good to revaluate our beliefs, but this takes time, self awareness and being surrounded by this negative atmosphere can make one sad & self condemning. 

What can we do about this?  

First, become self aware of your beliefs through the way you talk, the way you respond, and the feelings stirred up. 

Now I’m not defending the person who pointed it out.  Rather, being completely secure in yourself and convictions is paramount. 

Second, if you’ve been left feeling uneasy about these criticisms, take some time to evaluate said beliefs, trace them to their origins and decide whether they are for you or not. If change is needed, fill the void with a new idea more inline with who you believe yourself to be.

Third, once you are satisfied with you, there is no need to come to your own defense, nor correct the offender. 

You know your truth and that’s all that matters. No scathing 🔥 burns necessary. 😂 

Fourth, and this is vital, the only opinion that counts is your own. What others say about you is none of your business! The only person that you can control is yourself. 

Your children’s opinions don’t count. Your siblings’ opinions don’t count. Neither do your coworkers, pastors, parents, spouses, social media!

You and yours alone count. You are your best advisor, friend, philosopher, counselor, advocate, and admirer. 

In a world where others may try to press their opinions and beliefs upon you, do not  to take it personally. 

Know what you believe, have control of your thoughts and feelings and be resolute in who you believe yourself to be!  

Keep the faith my friends keep moving forward in your goals and love your life, your way!!

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