Below is the info helpful to have available to create or update your Whole Picture Plan. If you feel comfortable completing yourself please do.  Otherwise we can complete during a meeting. It usually takes less time than planning for a vacation. 

Please click on hyperlinks to access documents. See below for the links to free viewers, if needed. Please complete to the best of your ability. Anything you’re not sure of we will discuss.  When finished, see below. 

  1. Engagement Agreement (fill & save to your device) Completion and signing of this is optional.  If not completed we will assume we are completing a Whole Picture plan for you and the agreement will serve as the default terms of engagement.
  2. Confidential Facts (fill & save)
  3. Personal Expenditures (fill & save)
  4. Investment questionnaire (fill & save)
  5. Your investment statements. These often can be saved as a PDF from your institution online portal.
  6. Life insurance, pension, benefits booklet (PDF) statements.
  7. Pages 1 to 4 of your most recent personal tax returns.  This is a perfect time to introduce us to your accountant who you can ask or give permission to send us a copy.
  8. Anything else pertinent  – will, power of attorney, marital, trusts, etc.

Business Owners:
  1. Confidential Business Facts (fill & save)
  2. Business investment statements
  3. Business financials (tax return, balance sheet, income statement).
  4. Anything else pertinent  – business agreements, etc.

For documents that require scanning please scan and save as a PDF to your device. If you don’t have a scanner there are many free smart phone scanner apps that you can use available from your smartphone App Store.

Once documents are ready

Please email Dave@DOfinancial.ca and I will email you a secure link. 

Free viewers below.
All fillable forms & applications are best opened in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, saved to your desktop first – then filled out. Click here to access Adobe’s free PDF reader.

Microsoft Word (DOCX) and Excel (XLSX) – Microsoft recommends downloading their mobile versions from your smartphone app store.

Helpful info to complete a Whole Picture Plan for you