Below is the information we require, and what regulators require us to have to create an IBC®️ Plan.

If you feel uncomfortable completing all or part yourself please complete what you can and we will help you complete the rest. 

Please click on hyperlinks to access documents. See below for the links to free viewers, if needed. Please complete to the best of your ability. Anything you’re not sure of we will discuss.  When finished, see below. 

See below for help with documents.

  1. Pre-Engagement Agreement Word | PDF
  2. Engagement Agreement Word | PDF  Completion and signing of this is optional.  This will serve as the default terms of engagement for the services you desire us to handle for you.  Alternatively, email us and request DocuSign.
  3. Privacy Consent & Insurance Disclosure Word | PDF  Alternatively, email us and request DocuSign.
  4. Confidential Facts
  5. For business owners wanting to consider doing IBC®️ in their business, please also complete confidential business facts below BO-1.

Business Owners:

BO-1. Confidential Business Facts (fill & save)

For Help with Documents
  • All forms can be printed, completed, and scanned.
  • Microsoft Word is fillable and savable.  Microsoft recommends downloading Word (DOCX) app from your smartphone app store to be able to fill and save.
  • PDF requires printing, completing, and scanning to your device unless you have the ability to do so otherwise.
  • PDF documents are best opened, fillable, where possible, and saveable, in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to access Adobe’s free PDF app or search your smartphone app store.
  • For documents that require scanning please scanning, please save as a PDF to your device. If you don’t have a scanner there are many free smart phone scanner apps that you can use available from your smartphone App Store.

Once documents are ready

Please email info@dofinancial.ca.  If you prefer a secure email link please request and we will email you a secure link. 

Homework for IBC®️