Processes are essential for any good operating systems to perform at their peak proficiency and changes to these processes are a refining, a tune up you could say.

All top Performers refine their processes periodically, and this allows for further growth. 2020 has affected processes for almost every business.

We made changes also. We went back to our why, collaborated, brainstormed.  Through this process we changed our name and business colours, redesigned our website, and hired more members to our team. 

We also researched and developed a new client discovery process that we are happy and proud to say is proven to be easy, relatable, and rewarding, for both our clients and us!

Longtime clients, John and Shelley gave us some great feedback about our new process. They said requesting and reading the book Enough? by Paul D. Armson, available on our new website, along with some new visioning tools, was so valuable.

Shelley said “It engaged John in the process and took better interest in our financial journey. It opened up more conservation on this subject between the two of us and we seem to be clearer how each other think regarding our plans.”

They also expressed how comfortable they were participating in telephone and video meetings with us, in light of Covid safety, and how easy it was to discuss their goals.

“The process was so important to get the whole picture, as you are promoting, to know how to proceed with your goals, with confidence, no matter what stage of life you are in.”

Through our process, John and Shelley will soon realize early next year one of their big dream goals, with confidence, knowing that they have enough! Congratulations John and Shelley!!

We are super excited to be on this journey with John and Shelley, getting to know them even better through our three-hat discovery process of Life Planning, Financial Planning and, if needed, Financial Advice. With our new whole picture planning process, we are able to give our clients their best plan for today and their future.

To read their whole testimonial visit our website https://dofinancial.ca/about-us/testimonials.

What are some of the someday goals?  Life is not a rehearsal!

If you have not yet experienced our new whole picture lifestyle financial planning process contact us now.

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