What is whole picture planning?  It’s about what You want, what You dream, Your goals and most importantly Your why. It means service that’s ALL about you.  Its not just about money, yes money is apart of it, but its about life and living it to the fullest, the way you want.

Traditionally, a financial planner calculates how much an individual will need in retirement, or to provide for their loved ones at their time of death and they have a toolbox of products that they use to formulate a plan. The problem lies in the fact that most of us don’t like to think about this time of our lives, so we do our do diligence, buy the insurance, set our investment plans and walk away. I call this the” one and done” thinking. “Now that that’s done, I don’t have to think about it again” or “I’ll make changes later if I need to”. Unfortunately, this does not work with real life. In reality life keeps moving, changing, growing and diminishing. We all experience highs in our lives, weddings, a new house, graduations, new careers, a birth of a baby, vacations, celebrating life with friends and family and lows such as divorce, empty nest, a parents deaths, infertility, job loss, relocating. There are times in our lives we want to shout from the roof tops “LIFE IS SWEET!” and others we hang our heads and weep “life is tough”.

With all these important transitions through out our lives our financial plans needs to flow and eb with it, a coach that hears you and creates WITH you, they help you dig out what’s really important to you and create a flexible plan to accommodate changes in your life.

This IS Whole Picture Planning.

Have you heard of pan and scan? It’s a technique used in film editing when refitting a movie film to T.V. Movies are filmed in 2.35:1 – 2.76:7 and when they are reformatting for T.V. they must reduce the size from up to 45% – 75% of the original size. This means editing a major part of the picture out. Turner Classic Movie channel does an amazing job of explaining this process and uses epic films as examples, such as Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, and so on.My point is this, the one and done approach to financial planning doesn’t work, it crops out so much of the whole picture of your life.

One and Done is not a thing we do. When life shifts, changes occur, when there’s additions and subtractions in your life, WE want to be there! When life doesn’t go according to plan we want to help recreate, reshape the new plan always with you and your why at the center. There is no more need for pan in scan in your picture, you get the Whole Picture, a plan for today, a plan for tomorrow.

Whole Picture Planning,  The focus is on YOU and YOUR LIFE.

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