These three puzzle pieces put together in this order make for a very pleasant life, but without them we are like a ship on a turbulent ocean.

Everyone, when asked, wants control of their own lives, to have a say in who they are, where they live and how they express themselves.

But very few have it.


Control is the power to influence or direct, behaviour or the course of events.

We have so many ideas from others pressing in on us that the control of oneself is stripped from us.

It starts at birth, the rearing of a child, education, carriers, government, religion they are all vying for control of us.

Only when one becomes aware that they are being controlled is one able to make changes and get out. Yet most, 98%, don’t even recognize the situation than they are being controlled.

For most, they are completely unaware of their lack of control. For others they may have become aware, but the risks are too high or uncomfortable for them to make the changes.

If you are one of the 2% that wishes to break free and take control, it’s really simple, not easy but simple.

  1. Recognize and become aware of who and how you are being controlled.
  2. Create a plan, step by step how it’s going to happen, consider all the variables.
  3. Start taking action towards this new idea.

Remember baby steps. Is this going to be easy? No, there is likely going to be push back.

To take control, you must break away from the old ways. There will be a lot of mental and self reflection work.

Here is an example of this breaking away.

As many companies are reopening after the pandemic, they are calling their employees back to the office environment. But many are refusing to return because they have experienced working from home and recognize that the old way isn’t necessary.

Faced with this call back, the masses are quitting and looking for new and better ways of working remotely. These pioneers are taking control.


Freedom is the absence of subjection to foreign domination.

Control and freedom go hand in hand.

Once you break away from what was controlling you, you enter into freedom.

This can be freedom from the physical or psychological bondage or dominance.

Free from a job, a religion, ideas, from your past, or a poor self image. By breaking control of anything you feel you have been subjective to, you can be free from many things.

Once again, the pain and risk to obtain personal freedom can be great but is so worth it!


Peace is freedom from disturbance.

I love this word! Peace and tranquility, everything as it should be.

Being in control is freedom from worry and lack. This is what most strive for in their lives but so many do not obtain.

We can not obtain peace without taking control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions in EVERY situation – in our inner lives, in our relationships, jobs, religion, and finances. After all, peace, joy and love is truly our objective in life.

How does this all relate to finances?

If you’re not taking control, others will, and they may not have your best interests at heart. And it will cost you.

Most peoples #1 goal is financial freedom, yet they hand control over others (banks, markets, government) whose sole interest is themselves. They do not care about your personal goals.

As financial planners, it isn’t our goal to control your money. Our role is to educate and connect you to the best possible plan and strategies, so you may live your life to the fullest, thorough the many stages of life.

The more you are in control, the more freedom you will feel, which leads to more peace.

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