I have an ever-growing library, a beautiful library full of educational books, novels, personal growth books and I never read 98% them! I buy them with the intention of bettering myself, gaining great nuggets of knowledge and wisdom but, all to often they sit on my bedside table, the first few pages read but never more. I then slide them into there new home on my bookshelf never to be looked at again. At present I have three bookcases in my room full of the wisdom of the ages, but I’ll never know it until I crack the pages and read. 

I love to read! Novels, of history, drama, mystery or detective stories, its educational, personal growth, or instructional books I find difficult to get through. But yet, I continue to buy more and fill up the shelves with gold.

Does anyone relate?

So how does one overcome this poor quality one finds within oneself? 

 I’m not entirely sure what the remedy is, but it has been suggested to speed read. Speed reading will allow me to get the contented faster. I also could listen to audio books , I wonder about the retention in just listening.

As for the books already on my shelves, I’m going to learn to speed read. The best part of this story is, I’ve ordered another BOOK on how to speed read, lol. I find this ironic, but anyways I’ll let you know how this goes!

Are you a speed reader, how did you learn? I’d love to hear form you!

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