Bank Accounts - Good, Better, Best

Dave Otto - May 22, 2021
Everything you’ve been told about money is wrong and is the reason why you are not getting ahead faster financially.
Good Better Best

Everything you’ve been told about money is wrong and is the reason why you are not getting ahead faster financially.

Whenever you buy something did you know that you are doing all the work and everyone else is getting all your money?

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.

Everyone needs and wants things that money buys. In todays society, to facilitate savings, buy consumables and assets, a bank account is needed.

The ideal bank account needs to allow to you:

  • Borrow then pay off the loan (“good”); or
  • Save then spend (“better”).

I’ve added a third option labeled “BEST”. See below. We will discuss it in a moment.


“Good” and “better” come at a cost – cost to borrow and cost to withdraw savings.

We are happy to say there IS a way to recapture loan interest, fees and opportunity cost lost that goes to banks and financial companies and keep the financial energy with you and your family.


The “good” option is not really good. We labeled it good because if you don’t have the money you need it is a good option. It’s problems are you have to repay the loan and borrow again for your next purchase. And the interest is not paid to you.

Further, anyone applying for a loan or mortgage will know how much more invasive it now is to get a loan, especially during Covid, and why it is imperative you do this to eliminate the banks to gain control, so when you need money you can access it on your own terms with no qualification.


A “better“ option is better but is still not the best since you lose all the growth you would have earned if you did not touch it and must save again for your next purchase.


The third option, “BEST”, is not offered to you by your bank or credit union. And by not offering it to you they benefit at your expense when you borrow money from them. You see, the interest you pay for you mortgages and loans, they receive, not you. When you add that up over your lifetime it makes a significant reduction in your net worth.


Many would think “better” (save and spend) is better than “BEST” (save and borrow from you), but no. You see assets are king! And the more of them you have, means the more power you have, the more you pass along to your family with the result the more power they will have.

Families who fail to place an importance on creating and transferring wealth to future generations fall behind (lose power, status and control).

The best way to grow ASSETS (wealth), is with compound interest – and the only way compound interest works is when you don’t disturb the growth of your ASSETS – and this is why its best borrow from yourself.

Those who accumulate more ASSETS have more power and control. More ASSETS is helpful if you do need to use the bank and when you have enough you do not need the bank.

The “BEST” option blends aspects of the “good” and “better” options. It utilizes the saving from the “better” option and the borrow from the “good” option with a key difference – you are repaying you, not the bank.

The only reason why borrowing is the best thing to do is it allows the cash value ASSET to grow without interruption – and because the ASSET is growing at virtually the same rate as the loan interest its like using your money at no cost to you – you’re eliminating the loan and building an asset at the same time!

Most of us want our families to have more than we did. Most have more than our parents had. Yet, some are concerned that leaving more to the next generation is a bad thing, that it will spoil them and hurt their work ethic.

Others will say I didn’t inherit much wealth or any at all from their parents, that they worked hard for everything they got. In the old economy working hard translated into more wealth. Today’s economy is different than the one we and our parents grew up in. Working harder today is no guarantee of more wealth.

It has never been so expensive to buy a house today. How would your views change if the goal was to pay it forward by increasing your generational wealth? This option does this!

The “BEST” is a financial product. It was never intended to be an investment. It just so happens it’s design allows its returns to be better than a savings account and as good as the stock market without the risk of an economic tsunami.

Below is a chart of the actual results ending Dec. 31, 2020. None of the results are guaranteed for the future. As with everything, you're encouraged to check them out, including the "BEST" account before implementing. You will need to confirm that you've checked out the results before implementing. 

This is an account that also has a side benefit - it creates enhanced generational wealth which creates a larger legacy. It is exempt from probate fees and 6-month + distribution delays, and is private (not of public record).

Its an account your parents, grandparent and great grandparents used.

What is this “BEST” account? Many of our clients already have it and many are not aware how valuable it is. If this is you contact us and learn how you can benefit from it!

The “BEST” account is dividend-paying whole life insurance.

Yes, we know this is does not sound very sexy and exciting. But neither is putting your money in a bank account.

Dividend-paying life insurance is an ASSET, not an expense. Wealth is built by creating and building ASSETS.

Dividend-paying life insurance ASSET is not follow-the-crowd advice. Those who follow-the-crowd usually get lost in it. It’s time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results! Doing so means freedom from the banks by taking back control! It means bragging to your friends of the additional wealth you will have through recapturing interest and fees from the bank!

Want proof this works?

One client, has, as of the date of this article, amassed over $1,700,000 in cash value and over $3,100,000 in tax-free death benefit over many policies. Imagine how pleased they were when they learned their growth was similar to the stock market without it’s roller-coaster ride!

So, where can you get dividend-paying whole life insurance ASSET? From us!

What do you NEED to do next?

You NEED TO start allocating your surplus assets and income into this tax-exempt ASSET to receive superior after-tax growth than you’re earning now!

You NEED TO start liquidating your tax-infected assets into this tax-exempt ASSET to gain superior asset efficiency! Many already employ the “RRSP/RRIF Meltdown” strategy already so this is a great landing place for these funds!

You NEED TO set this ASSET up for your kids, grandkids and great grandkids to give them a huge head start advantage that many do not have!

This is some of the BEST advice we can offer.

For those who already own dividend-paying whole life insurance you NEED to own more of it.

For those who do not own dividend-paying whole life insurance you NEED to own it NOW!

Next step is you NEED to book a time with us here to create a strategy to implement this!