Have you ever met a person that speaks with eloquence, confidence, each word is carefully chosen and executed seamlessly, with elegance?

I have, and I admit, I am genuinely jealous! 

How does this come so easily to some while others seem to use just a jumble of words?

These are questions I have considered from time to time about myself. 

I believe I write better than I speak, for in the moment of face-to-face conversation, I’m not quick enough to smith my words, whilst writing I am able to take the time to consider and weigh each word written. 

What does this have to do with money you ask?


Money is nothing more than a vibrational match to our thoughts about it and this is where words come into the scene. The way we think about money is how we feel about money, which is how we speak about money. 

If we speak ill of money, by calling it “the root of all evil”, “I don’t care about being rich”, “all rich people are greedy”, we may subconsciously be telling money is not welcome here. 

You may be praying for more money, but your words don’t match, and money will not come to you. 

Let me put it this way, most people believe dogs have a vibrational match, a sixth sense.


When a dog reads the energy of a good person, they trust them and will respond in like manner. If the dog feels the person is genuine and trustworthy, they’ll lay on their back for belly rubs.

But if a dog sense they can’t trust a person they respond with growing, and barking. 

How does this happen without a word being spoken?

Vibrations, energy given off, reveals the inner self. 

Money is like a dog. If it feels the vibration of trust, love, and acceptance it will come to us. if it feels the vibration of contempt, distrust or fear it will stay away!

So, when it comes to words surrounding money it’s vitally important to curate, control and design them. 


Ultimately, it’s our feeling, on display. 

Be intentional when speaking about money.

Use words that build trust, love, and acceptance, such as “money comes to me easily, in an ever-growing amount, on a continuous basis” then look for it is coming easily and growing continuously. Anticipate its arrival and celebrate it before its even here!  

Part of reprogramming the vibration is to feel it.


Saying I’m so grateful now that I am financially free yet dread every time your credit card bill comes in, live in fear of your car breaking down, appliances need to be replaced, or book the cheapest flight and vacation you can find, your words don’t match the feelings underlying them. 

The work begins with falling in love with money – being consistent and in gratitude with what money does for you in your life. 

Being grateful for the credit you have and that the bank trusts you to pay them back. 

Being grateful for what the government does with the money you give to them in taxes. 

Be grateful for the wealthy, and cheer on their accomplishments, for they move society forward. 


If you find you can’t muster up the feelings of gratitude towards the thing you wish to change, then picture in your mind something that gives you the feelings that you seek, like your spouse, kids, your favorite vacation spot, then slide in the picture of the thing you wish to change.

With consistent auto-suggestion repetition and refocusing on the positive side of that which you are building, a new vibration, things will begin to shift in your thinking and in the words you express towards it. 

Eventually the way you feel will present itself on the outside by the words you speak, the conversations you have, the people you attract and the money in your life!

Words matter. They are a reflection on your inner self, they expose you for who you truly are. Sometimes we can fake it in short interactions but eventually your truth is revealed. 

Become a wordsmith, through thoughts and feelings towards money. As your consistency and practice grows, so will the ease of your word choices flow with eloquence and confidence.  

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