Our culture is so influential in every aspect of our lives. It all starts with our parents when we are born. They influence everything – the foods we eat, what to think, our views on money, including banking. At the same time, they were influenced by their parents.

We are all influenced by our culture. We accept our reality and what we’re taught without considering if what we’re being influenced on is good or not. Often, we follow the crowd just like we do the GPS in our vehicles and find out the advice was wrong.

When was the last time you looked at how you bank and the banking system you use? Never! Is it the best banking system? Does it offer you the best options for you and your family?

When you work with Whole Picture Planning, there needs to be a discussion on banking. Why? Because you will find there are significant issues with it.

You’re probably asking yourself: if this is so important, why don’t financial advisors and planners put it on the meeting agenda? Sadly, some advisors are too focused on selling financial products. Most know little, if anything at all, about our banking system and do not know there is a better banking system, one where you are in control.

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So, you think you’re pretty savvy when it comes to financial planning? Not if you have not addressed your banking system. Knowledge is power, and if you’re not aware of the significant advantages of privatized banking, you do not have near the power you think you have.

You can’t fix what you don’t know. Now you know! Get started here.


Updated April 18, 2022

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