Why be a bank customer when you can be a bank owner? This is a question no one asks themselves. We’ve been so brainwashed we don’t think about the possibility.

If you learned that what you believed about money was wrong when would you like to learn about it?

It’s time you start to think about your environment and ways to change it. It’s time to start thinking differently.

Let’s start with getting your attention with the chart below.  It will show you why you want to be a bank owner in case you’ve never thought of it.

It shows you the financial results of three methods of paying for the use of a new, or new to you, vehicle, eleven times, once every four years, over 44 years. People buy 8-12 vehicles over their lifetime.

Before I add some explanation, you need to understand that we finance everything, even when we pay cash. Let me continue.

The borrow & repay method is what 91% do. It is responsible for evaporating 34.5 cents of every dollar we earn.

The pay with cash (save &spend). Despite what you may think, it also has a finance cost – the opportunity lost – earnings on your money if you didn’t spend it.

The WCA method (Working Capital Account), is something that has been used for over 200 years. It is like bank ownership. You’re probably thinking there is no way bank ownership can be available to you. If this, is you, I am happy to tell that anyone can be a bank owner!  I’m not talking about a bank with hundreds of thousands of customers or more.  I’m talking about your private bank where you are the only customer. This is similar to an IPP (Individual Pension Plan). 

This private bank is called privatized banking and it worked very well before our commercialized banking system was forced upon us by those who financially gained.

WCA is not a gimmick. It is not a tax loophole. It is supported by many economists and accountants.

This is really all the information you to need to want to become a bank owner instead of a bank customer.

Aside from its financial advantage, WCA has another significant benefit. Control!

How important is control? Here are two opinions.

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” 

Dave Ramsey

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”

Thomas Jefferson

These two quotes express the importance of control. Having access to and control you’re your money is critical. If you don’t believe me, freeze your accounts for a bit and try operating your life without access to any capital.

And try getting a loan from the bank when you really need it. You have no control in qualifying for a loan. With no disrespect to my existing and future dentist clients, It’s worse than going to the dentist for major surgery!

The borrow method puts control in the hands of the lender.

In the save and spend method you give up control by surrendering your money and the growth it would have earned.

The WCA method is the only method that retains control without credit checks, proof of income and assets with a long and painful wait for a decision.

WCA also:

  • recaptures interest paid to bank loans and turns liabilities into assets
  • currently pays a 5-6% dividend in a 2% world
  • enhances legacy

To learn more about WCA and these all its benefits, your next step is here.

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