Have you had goals or desires that you’ve set aside or put on the back burner?

Have you been told that your dreams are unrealistic and unattainable?

What if I told you, you could have everything your heart desires, by following these 6 steps?

💫1. Choose your hearts desire, the one thing you really, really want.

It can be anything, money, a job, a relationship. Anything as long as you are willing to make shifts in your thinking to obtain it.

💫 2. You must start believing, talking, and thinking and acting as though the desire is fulfilled and it’s accomplished, that you’re holding it in your hand, right now!

This means not using words such as “when”, “soon”,” someday” or “if”.

The language you use surrounding your desire is profound in the accomplishment of your goals.

💫3. Only positive, high vibrational language, thoughts and feelings is to be used surrounding your desire.

Affirmations, chanting, and journaling is great. But if your feelings are a double standard, one negative word or thought will have your goals progress come to a screeching halt.

When I have a negative word or thought slip out, I say out loud” I rebuke that thought”.

I then quickly switch it to a higher positive vibrational thought.

💫4. Be open to new ideas and opportunity.

Even if you don’t see how the idea pertains to your desire, keep an open mind.

The achievement of the goal could come from unconventional ideas.

Not to say jump on every wagon passing by, use your discernment, trust your gut.

💫5. Be prepared for a struggle.

Every high performer has had their share of struggles. Your paradigms will fight you on it.

How bad do you want it and how hard are you willing to hold on?

💫 6. Celebrate every step of the way!

Celebrate even if it seems light years away from completion.

Celebrate the fact you have this goal.

Celebrate that you have the choice to chase your dreams.

Celebrate that you have the ability to observe your thoughts, words and actions.

Celebrate the opportunities coming your way.

Celebrate that you have the strength to persevere through struggles.

You really are amazing! Your goals and dreams are attainable.

How committed are you? That’s the real question.

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